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WWDC New iPhone No-Show Not A Surprise; September/October Still Looks Likeliest

There is much disappointment being expressed in responses to Michael’s column yesterday about the iPhone 5 WWDC no-show. I have to say I would’ve  been more surprised had there been an iPhone 5 announcement Monday than I am that there

Apple Unwraps iOS 6 at WWDC

Apple has unveiled iOS 6, in the keynote speech at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco. The update comes with an improved Safari browser and Maps app, wider Siri support, and Facebook integration across the platform. A beta

iOS 6 Beta Build 10A5316K & Safari 6 Developer Preview to be Released At WWDC 2012?

Weiphone.com, a Chinese tech website/forum leaked a huge list of downloads – none of which are working presently – which seem to point to some interesting information regarding the WWDC 2012 to start tomorrow. 1.  It looks like iOS 6

LiquidMetal Revitalizes iPhone 5 Form Factor Rumors Ahead Of WWDC

With less than a week to go before the kick-off of the Worldwide Developers Conference, LiquidMetal is injecting themselves back into Apple and iPhone 5 speculation. Since the advent of iPhone 5 speculation, LiquidMetal has been at the forefront of

Retina iMac and Slimmar MacBook Pro – Recipes for WWDC?

Rumors of Apple coming out with MacBook Pros with retina display, like the ones featured in iPad and iPhone have been up in the air for sometime now. WSJ reported that Barclays Capital analysts Reitzes felt it was likely for

iOS 6 Release Date to Announce at WWDC 2012: Rumor

Apple iPhone5 is already making headlines everywhere but Apple has something important coming up besides iPhone5 and that is new Operating system called iOS 6. People are expecting a lot from this new version of iOS as Apple has always

Apple WWDC 2012 Scheduled for June 11-15th

Like every year, the much awaited Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple WWDC 2012 will be showcasing new software and technologies by the company for the developers. And the WWDC 2012 venue is to be San Francisco’s Moscone West and the scheduled

DigiTimes Corroborates June WWDC iPhone 5 Release Date

Asia’s top tech newsmaker DigiTimes has joined the growing sense that the iPhone 5 will make its debut at Apple’s WWDC this June. Just a brief update here: we want to keep you updated on the latest news surround the

iPhone 5 Release Rumors Coalesceing Around 2012 WWDC

More iPhone 5 release reports are swinging towards a June WWDC announcement. Is this a reasonable possibility, or a buzz builder by the media? Immediately following the release of the iPhone 4S, the tech media went with the safe bet

iPad 3 First; Then iPhone 5 or 6 With LTE Support At WWDC?

BeatWeek’s Bill Palmer has posted some thoughts about the projected timeline for the next forthcoming iOS hardware device releases. Palmer thinks, and I agree that next on the agenda will be the iPad 3, most likely for a late winter

LTE-Enabled iPhones To Roll Out At WWDC 2012?

Digitimes’ Daniel Shen and Steve Shen report that competition among handset vendors for a bigger share in the US LTE-enabled smartphone market is poised to intensify in 2012 when Sprint Nextel starts kicking off its LTE services at mid-year, according