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Sociercise – Real World Exercise Meets Virtual Racing

Sociercise LLC, a Georgia start-up founded by app developers Bobby Valentine and Tom Vinkler, is soon to release its new fitness app, Sociercise. The app uses GPS and accelerometer technology to allow users in two different locations to participate in

iPhone 5 Features & Specifications – What the World Is Talking About Right Now

So, finally, there’s some solid confirmation (in the form of references in iOS 5.1 Beta code) that iPhone 5 does exist – and could very well be out before the end of next year. Quite a lot has been rumored

My Bird World

My Bird World ($ 2.99) by Five Ravens Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad After downloading apps that promise to teach something and finding their formats neither fun nor particularly memorable, I thought I’d had it with anything containing “educational”

Minecraft Seeds – Hunt for the Golden Apple World Seed!


  Video Rating: 4 / 5

How the iPhone Has Changed the World

When Steve Jobs said that the iPhone would change the world in 2007, we all just nodded our heads, enthralled with the idea of mobile computing. Time with our phones has quickly outpaced time spent with our gaming consoles, e-readers

iPhone 5 to Be Apple’s First World Phone, Will Sprint Carry It?

iPhone 5 Will Support both GSM and CDMA Rumors of a both GSM and CDMA Apple smartphone have been around since 2009, but at that time, analysts believed that an iPhone carrying Qualcomm’s dual-carrier chip will not be available earlier