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How to Fix Improper Word Corrections in iPhone/iPad: Resetting AutoCorrect

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve laughed reading those AutoCorrect fails spread all over the web. AutoCorrect – both on iOS and on Android – has generated some of the most funny and hilarious fails ever but it

Apple Has Started to Censor Word ‘Jailbreak’ in The US iTunes Store

Apple is filtering word jailbreak in the US iTunes because it considers the word equal to an expletive. Now doesn’t that sound like the Cupertino actually hates the word? Well, this morning came the news about a new Apple policy

Word Wizard Turns Kids into Spelling Whizzes

Word Wizard – Talking Movable Alphabet With school back in session, the power of Apple’s touch devices as an educational tool is certainly timely. Parents and teachers looking for apps that assist in learning may want to take note of