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110m Wireless Healthcare and Fitness Accessories Sold in 2017

Nike's Fuel Band is currently the frontrunner in wireless fitness equipmentHealthcare and fitness accessories for smartphones and tablets will make up half of all wireless technology sales in five years' time, according to Juniper Research. The Smart Wireless Accessories report

Cricket Wireless to Offer Prepaid iPhone from June 22

At last, the day arrives when iPhones can be had for prepay plans. Cricket Wireless introduces prepaid iPhone in the US starting June. The iPhones will be made available as follows (prices indicated too): iPhone 4S 16GB – $ 499

iPhone 4S Upgrade, Apple TV Hacks and Wireless Syncing


In this episode, we’re going to cut the cord. We’ll show you how to wirelessly sync your iOS or Android device, run down some ways you can upgrade to the iPhone 4S for free, how to hack your Apple TV

WSJ.com Anticipates Wireless Inductive Charging For iPhone 6

Rumored features for the iPhone 6 will remain fuzzy until the next iPhone is released. But WSJ.com already foresees inductive charging on an iPhone 6 in 2012. While WSJ.com has led the charge in breaking reliable information about the iPhone