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iPhone 5 – What’s the Industry Saying?

“The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone” appears to be the official slogan of the iPhone 5. “So much more than before” is another, as is “It's not just bigger”. But, going on the reaction to yesterday's announcement, you

What’s In A Name? – Will The New iPhone Get An A6 SoC After All?

Less than two weeks to go now before all is revealed about the new iPhone’s specifications, and several potential features are still being hotly debated – notably dissonance over whether the new Apple phone will support Near Field Communications (NFC)

OPINION: What’s Behind Microsoft’s Surface Launch

Often a company to get hype wrong, Microsoft's launch of its new Surface tablets seemed to strike the right chord with attendees. The event, held in Los Angeles this week, appears to have left people impressed and eager to learn

What’s in O2′s Wallet?

Retail intelligence company Cogenta has revealed that its technology is powering MyOffers mobile shopping content on O2's recently launched O2 Wallet service. MyOffers provides businesses with consumer behaviour insight in order to target consumers with relevant offers. Cogenta says trials