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One in Eight Smartphone Users Have Bought Something On Their Handset

One in eight smartphone users in the EU5 have completed retail transactions on their devices, according to research by comScore. The study examined smartphone use in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, and found that one in every six

230m Users Play Facebook Games Monthly

230m users play games on Facebook every month, according to a blog written by developer Douglas Purdy, with over 130 games attracting more than 1m active users each. Facebook has driven 134m visits to iOS apps, and 83m to the

Samsung Software Deal Helps Users Switch from iPhone

Easy Phone Sync Samsung Mobile UK is to offer a software tool to all Samsung Galaxy purchasers that makes it easy to switch from using an iPhone. Easy Phone Sync allows users to set up their Galaxy device through iTunes,

nFluence’s dealBoard Plays Guess Who with Users’ Brands

nFluence Media has launched the second version of its dealBoard app, incorporating its Interest Graph technology to present users with deals based on brands they have shown an interest in. As users like or dislike brands and offers, the app

In 2017, One in Every Four Mobile Users Will Pay with NFC

Only this morning, we posted research which predicted that take-up for NFC mobile payments would remain low until after 2015. Well, Juniper Research apparently disagrees. More than one in four of US and Western European mobile phone users will use

Saygent Gives App Users a Voice

The mSay platform in actionSaygent has launched the beta of its in-app voice feedback solution mSay, which enables developers to add Siri-style verbal question-and-answer functionality to their app using a few lines of code. mSay can be used to gather

RIM Lets Users Generate Free Apps

The OK! Magazine UK app was created on Mippin's app creation platform, and was particularly popular on BlackBerry, with 65 per cent of its 280,000 downloads on the platformRIM has launched BlackBerry App Generator, a simple online app-builder, enabling users

Zynga Nearly Doubles Mobile Users After OMGPOP Acquisition

Zynga has more daily active users on mobile games than any other network, according to CEO and founder Mark Pincus. The company's revenue grew 32 per cent from the year-ago period to $ 321m, but it closed the latest quarter

iPhone Owners Biggest Wi-fi Users

The report also examined iPad traffic data, showing that the newest device hasn't yet come close to the first and second iPadsiOS users are more likely to use wi-fi (at 58 per cent), than Android (35 per cent) and BlackBerry

5 Features that Users Expect from the iPhone 5

The title sounds extremely innocuous and a flight of fancy, but the truth is that even though iPhone users are quite satisfied with their iPhone 4S and what it offers them, they still expect the iPhone 5 to offer them

Smartphone Users Increasingly Frustrated With Battery Life

As more smartphones get in the hands of US consumers, usage patterns are spiking and battery life is becoming an increasingly critical factor in overall satisfaction. Owners of 4G-equipped smartphones rank battery life considerably lower than their 3G counterparts, according

Study Finds That 71% Of Mobile Users Ready To Pay Using NFC

The prevailing logic about NFC and “wave and pay” technology for iOS and the iPhone 5 is that it’s not quite ready to go mainstream. But a new study finds that an overwhelming number of mobile users want to begin

Users Connect, Express and Record with Planner S – Social Diary for iOS

Planner S, a social diary application for iOS from Akaon makes its English debut soon. Originally conceived for a Korean language audience, Planner S has proven popular and well-suited to expansion. The application is a full featured calendar and planner,

Send Tweets Using Siri : Sireet, Jailbreak Tweak Allows iPhone 4S Users To Send Tweets Using Siri

Send Tweets Using Siri : Sireet, Jailbreak Tweak Allows iPhone 4S Users To Send Tweets Using Siri is a post from: iPhnoeStuffs4U.com You had heard about the upcoming Cydia tweak called Sireet that would allow you to make tweet using

In Spite of Issues, iPhone 4S, Siri Get High Marks From Users

Much has been made about users’ dissatisfaction with the iPhone 4S, coupled with the still lingering frustration of the ever-delayed iPhone 5. But a new poll reveals that the iPhone 4S is the most beloved iPhone yet. A statistics professor

iPhone 4 Users May Be Skipping the 4S for the iPhone 5

Strong rumors of a June iPhone 5 release, together with the iPhone 4S being a form factor refresh, may have compelled iPhone 4 users to skip the 4S rush. While early polls showed that just as many iPhone 4 users