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How to Fix – Personal Hotspot Missing in iPhone After iOS Update

Personal Hotspot is a great feature on the iDevices – iPhone and iPad – which enables you to connect a lot of other devices to the internet through your iDevice. This feature is network-specific and has special charges (Verizon brought

Security Update for Mountain Lion Preview 4 Released | Apple’s Security Page Changes Content

Apple released a security update for the Mountain Lion close on the heels of the Flashback botnet security threat. The update should come up as a notification popup and what it basically does is check for security updates everyday and

Apple Discloses iOS 5.1.1 Security Specifics Update

Apple recently revealed security specifics of iOS 5.1.1 update on its support webpage, after it released iOS 5.1.1 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The company revived its support webpage regarding the new software’s security tweaks that include one

iOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak Status Update: ASLR Bypassed

Hello to all those who are awaiting news on the iOS 5.1 untethered jailbreak status. Yes guys, it seems possible as the jailbreak of ASLR or the Address Space Layout Randomization has been successful. This was a security feature in

Philippe Starck Joins Apple – Apple Revolutionary Product in 8 Months: Update Apple Denies Collaboration

Renowned French designer, Philippe Starck said in an interview to French radio and a paper that he had been aiding Apple for quite some time now in some revolutionary product that will be launched in 8 months or so. And

How to Update Cydia Apps Tweaks on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

You need to update the jailbreak apps and tweaks just like other apps and Cydia teaches you to update jailbreak apps in an easy manner. You can get information and updates for those apps which you have installed in your

Top Camera 2.1 update adds Live Adjustments – 66% off

Lucky Clan today is pleased to announce Top Camera 2.1 for iOS, an update to their versatile Photography app that adds more than 25 features to the standard iOS Camera app. Version 2.0 includes a lot of new features and

iOS 5 Update Tanking? iPhone 5 Release Date Can’t Get Here Soon Enough

Apple’s most recent iOS 5 update for the iPhone 4S was meant to fix the battery issue. But with users complaining about how the update made their battery use worse, plus new reports that iOS 5 is causing SIM issues,

iOS 5 Early Adopters Encounter Update Woes

As I have so many times in the past, I’m thanking myself this morning for not being an early adopter of operating system upgrades. Indeed, I’ve been really dragging my feet about upgrading to OS X 10.7 Lion on my

Flash Server update brings iOS support

Since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, Apple and Adobe have been engaged in a cold war over the future of Flash on the iOS platform, a conflict that has occasionally warmed as the companies and their employees traded

Drop The Chicken drops its update like it’s hot

Drop The Chicken is a success, according to the game’s developers. It got number 1 in 14 countries, we can definitely agree that this game is a true success. Sharp Agency released the first major upgrade for this iPhone/iPod Touch

Platformer Demolition Dash gets bug fixes in new update

The iPhone platformer Demolition Dash just got a free update by developer dreamfab. The developers fixed some bugs, made loading times shorter, improved background music and made the first level of the game a big easier for the noobs who