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Apple Trying to Get the Galaxy S3 Banned

Apple is pushing for US sales bans on Samsung's Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note smartphones, as well as its Galaxy Tab 10.1 Tablet. The proposed bans are part of a separate case to the patent infringement lawsuit Samsung lost last

Best 5 Handy Apps Worth Trying Out On Your iPhone

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, have literally taken over the world. There are billions of users who own a mobile device such as iPhone and use them to carry out various tasks. But since the iTunes Store is

iPhone 5 NFC Rumor Trying To Make A Comeback

NFC and wave-and-pay technology was one of the first big iPhone 5 feature rumors in 2011. Now, with a bit of new NFC-related news from Mastercard, it is making its way back into the iPhone 5 conversation. But is there