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iPhone X Shows Up On T-Mobile UK

T-Mobile UK seems to be quite on the safer side of the spectrum taking no chances at guessing the name of the next-gen iPhone about to be announced in a day. On its website, from a device drop-down menu on

Nunace Powere T-Mobile Genius Search

Nuance Communications has revealed that its Dragon voice and natural language understanding technologies are behind the newly released Genius Search feature from T-Mobile that is available on the myTouch and myTouch Q smartphones. The feature enables users to talk to

T-Mobile Introduces Zero-Rate Voice Shortcodes

0800 numbers – great for landlines, not so much for mobilesFree voice shortcodes have been an uneven playing field in the UK for a while now, with all but one of the major mobile operators having offered the service for

T-Mobile USA Cuts 1,900 Jobs, Closes Call Centers

T-Mobile USA is closing seven call centers and cutting 1,900 employees. Following AT&T's failed merger attempt, T-Mobile is trying to build a new strategy to compete as the fourth-largest carrier in the market behind Sprint Nextel, Verizon Wireless and AT&T.

How to Setup/Activate/Use iPhone 4S on T-Mobile? Complete Guide

How to Setup/Activate/Use iPhone 4S on T-Mobile? Complete Guide. Thinking of setting up T-Mobile on your iPhone 4S? Well, thousands of people have already done that, and here’s the way. But first, is it possible? Oh yes of course. In

T-Mobile Explains Why No iPhone 4S, Further Evidence of 4G iPhone 5?

Sprint’s media event on October 7th sparked new speculation that the 2012 iPhone 5 will indeed be a 4G LTE smartphone. Does T-Mobile’s recent comments about why they are not carrying the iPhone 4S also suggest that 4G for the

Unlocked iPhone 4S Will Work On T-Mobile

T-Mobile didn’t officially get the iPhone 4S this year. But new claims indicate that the unlocked iPhone 4s, which will be available in the U.S. in November, will work on T-Mobile’s GSM network. One of the big stories gripping the

AT&T and T-Mobile Test the iPhone 5

Cell Phone Carriers Are Testing the iPhone 5 Although the launch of the iPhone 5 is rumored to take place in September, it seems that AT&T and T-Mobile have already started testing the new smartphone from Apple. Beginning July 6th,