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Full-screen Ads Pay Five Time More than Banners

A Greystripe campaign in actionFull-screen mobile ads pay five times more than banners, according to Greystripe. This figure was reached by analysing all campaigns running on the mobile ad network over a two month period.   Apps in Greystripe’s network

iPhone 5 Release Date: May? No Way, But It’s a Closer Guess Than Fall

A new report is circulating that the iPhone 5 could be released as early as May, and that production at Foxconn is already underway. May doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it might be a better guess than

“Most Anticipated Tech Product of 2012″ – the iPhone 5 – More Than Just The Phone

SodaHead.com, an online opinion-based community, has released the results of a poll asking consumers what is the “Most Anticipated Tech Product of 2012″ and iPhone 5 came out on top with 35% of the vote.  Runner-up was the iPad 3

How To Show iPhone Signal Strength in Number Rather Than Bar?

Many of us do not know how to show iphone signal strength in numbers. Most of us consider measuring it with the help of the bars on top which may not be precise. You will be amazed to hear that

Possibly A Longer Wait than Anticipated For iPhone 5 Release

BeatWeek’s Bill Palmer says that sitting out the iPhone 4S in anticipation of an iPhone 5 release in 2012 could result in a longer wait than you’re expecting. Palmer observes that the customary one-year iPhone product upgrade cycle has been

What Letdown? — iPhone 4S Initial Sales More Than Double iPhone 4 Initial Rate

In his MondayNote blog, Jean-Louis Gassée, former head of Apple France, later appointed to Steve Jobs’s former position as head of Macintosh development by Apple CEO John Sculley after Sculley fired Jobs in 1985, observes that what many of us

iPhone 5 cases suggest larger screen than 4 inch screen

While we have heard a number of rumors about the Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5, a rumor that surfaced the web recently suggest that the iPhone 5 would come up with a 4-inch screen to take on Android phones. According to