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Web Logs Point To Apple Testing iOS 5.1, iOS 6 On iPads; iPad 3 With Enhanced Resolution

According to an Ars Technica web log, iPads are hitting their site running both iOS 5.1 and iOS 6, suggesting that iOS 6 could indeed be on its way in 2012 after all. There has been some conjecture over whether

STD Testing – Treatment Solution and Concern

The easiest testing for STD option is actually to go online as well as find a reputable std testing internet site. These web sites furnish varied plans, individual tests or at home STD test. One can book an appointment online

Rumor: Apple Testing Quad Core CPU For iPhone 5

A new rumor suggests that Apple is testing a new quad core processor for the iPhone 5, ostensibly alongside earlier reports of a stacked 3D design. When we talk about the proposed chip for the iPhone 5, we typically refer

Testing Begins for iPhone 6′s A6 Chip

A faster, more powerful A6 chip will give the iPhone 6 the ability to run exciting new features, like 4G and 3D displays, all while producing less heat than the current A5 chip. Just as Apple’s A5 chip has come

iphone 5 prototypes sent for carrier testing

A recent report revealed by Charles Arthur, tech editor at The Guardian, a well known UK publication states that Apple has sent its iphone 5 prototypes to the wireless carrier companies across the world for final testing before the device