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Is Too Much Information Taking The Joy Out Of The New iPhone Release?

With Apple expected to reveal the new iPhone tomorrow, some are expecting an anticlimactic debut, do to too much information having already leaked out. Conservative talk radio stalwart and longtime Apple product enthusiast Rush Limbaugh says he’s hearing from a

UK Firms Not Taking Their Tablets, says Virgin

Tablet ownership might still be on the rise – but 24 per cent of UK company CIOs still believe the devices are going to fall out of fashion over the next five years, according to research from Virgin Media Business.

Taking The US Economy Mobile

The US Census Bureau has released an app called America’s Economy, which will provide users with continuously updated economic statistics. The app was developed as part of the Census Bureau’s Web Transformation Project, and uses statistics from the US Department

What iOS Apps Should You be Taking Abroad? Best Travel Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

News that the EU is to cut roaming charges is good for smartphone users. It will be cheaper to use a mobile or internet-enabled device in Europe. Under the new rules being passed, a call will cost no more than

Rumor Roundup: Apple Taking on TV, and TouchPads Won’t Die!


Noah K tackles the biggest tech rumors of this week! Is Apple looking to do to TV what they’ve already done to music? And why won’t the HP TouchPad go away? Find out in this exciting episode of Rumor Round