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Data-Crunching Analyst Suggests Repeat Of Apple’s iPhone 4S Upgrade Formula

Asymco blogger Horace Dediu is a number-cruncher and IT commentator who researches and graphically interprets and analyzes various industry metrics. His blog is usually worth a look. An eight-year former employee of Nokia, with a MBA from Harvard Business School,

HP CEO Suggests Google Could Make Android A Closed-Source OS For Motorola, Like Apple’s iOS

One of the Android community’s long-standing bragging rights over Apple’s iOS is that Android is an open-source platform. But HP CEO Meg Whitman suggests that Google’s acquisition of Motorola could mean that Android could become proprietary to Motorola devices, just

Rumor of Defective Component Suggests iPhone 5 Could Be Close To Completion

A new report out of Asia is indicating that the full-fledged iPhone 5 never materialized in 2011 due to a faulty key component. If this is the case, then the iPhone 5 might be just one piece away from completion.

Curved Glass 2012 iPhone Rumor Suggests iPhone 6 Will Feature a Form Factor Overhaul

A new report suggesting that Apple will deploy its glass cutting machines in 2012 for a curved glass display indicates that the iPhone 6 will be the recipient of a form factor overhaul. The current iPhone 5 rumor mill has

iPhone 5 Protector Suggests The Widely Rumored Elongated Home Button

With the release of iPhone 5 pending since last few months the market is heating up with every new hint of iPhone 5 design. Recently unwire.hk has published a couple of screen protectors that are supposedly made for iPhone 5.

Apple Discontinued Bumper Rumor Suggests Aluminum-Back iPhone 5

A new report indicates that Apple may be preparing to discontinue the bumper for the iPhone 4, suggesting the iPhone 5 may sport an aluminum or LiquidMetal back — or that we may indeed be getting two new models. But

Like the A5 Chip? New Report Suggests An A6 Chip For iPhone 6 in 2012

iPad 2 users are raving about the speed and agility of the A5 chip, and iPhone users are excited about the prospects of an A5-equipped iPhone 5. But new rumors suggest that a bigger, better A6 chip is coming to

BusinessInsider Suggests that iPhone 6 Could Debut in March 2012

iPhone users are currently eagerly anticipating the iPhone 5. But recent rumors from top tech and business analysts suggest that the iPhone 6 could debut as soon as March of 2012. A common conundrum for iPhone users over the past