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Steve Jobs – A Look Back at The Master of Innovations

Who doesn’t know Steve Jobs? He is known to be the man who was able to turn peoples’ dreams into reality. Steve Jobs had a charisma that equals that of the Pope, he was just as powerful as the political

Apple Pushing to Introduce iPad 3 on February 24th, Steve Jobs’ Birthday?

Putting the March 2012 iPad 3 release date rumor behind, some reports now suggest that it could well fall in the ‘mid-first quarter of next year’ – put simply, that means February. Building from the 2011 launch of Apple MacBook

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005


Here we see Steve Jobs delivering his commencement speech to the graduates of Stanford University in 2005. In it he talks about getting fired from Apple in 1985, life & death. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Video Rating: 3 /

Post Steve Jobs: Apple’s next chapter begins


TECH 24 – Apple embarks on a new chapter in its storied history as its founder and chief creative visionary Steve Jobs formally stepped aside due to his declining health. Although long expected, the announcement still came as a surprise

iPhone 5 Release Date: 7+ Inch iPad 3 Would Defy Steve Jobs’ View On Mini Tablets

In his lifetime, Steve Jobs downplayed the viability of sub-9-inch tablets, tacitly stating that Apple would never release a mini iPad. But new rumors of a 7-inch “mini” iPad 3 would be Apple’s first defiance of Steve Jobs’ vision for

Steve Jobs interviewed just before returning to Apple


Rare 1996 interview with Steve Jobs on Wall $ treet Week with Louis Rukeyser Video Rating: 4 / 5 adf.ly

Early 2012 iPad “Mini” Rumors Contradict Steve Jobs, Larger iPhone 5

Steve Jobs was very clear that a 7-inch iPad made little sense to him, since it would suffer from an identity crisis. But new rumors suggest a “mini” iPad for early 2012 to compete against the Kindle Fire. How would

Steve Jobs Leaves Behind Plans For 4 Years of iPhone Designs

Steve Jobs may have passed away, but Apple’s former CEO and visionary made sure to leave behind plans and concepts for four years worth of new products, including new iPhones. The sadness and grief surrounding Steve Jobs’ death still looms