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Livewire Partners with Sprint and MetroPCS

Digital content and entertainment provider Livewire Mobile has signed up two carriers, Sprint and MetroPCS, to offer Livewire-powered music downloads, ringback and ringtones. The Sprint Music Plus and MetroPCS music services will be available on mobile web stores and websites, and will

iPhone 4 & 4S Prices Drop: Apple Follows Target, BestBuy and Sprint

The iPhone 4 and 4S are now available on discounts not just from Sprint but also from two other major players in the market: Target and BestBuy. And what’s even more interesting is that Apple follows suit and has announced

Google Play Nabs Direct Billing With Sprint

After rebranding its Android Market as Google Play last March, Google has been expanding direct-carrier billing with operators not just for Android apps, but for all of the digital content it now sells under one roof. Google announced that Sprint

Sprint Posts Another Quarterly Loss

The iPhone isn't saving Sprint yet. The country's third-largest carrier posted another loss last quarter and despite a years-long wait for the iPhone, the carrier isn't reversing its trend of customer losses. Sprint posted a net loss of $ 863m

Sprint 4G LTE Rollout On Track For iPhone 5 Launch

America’s third-largest mobile carrier is back in the iPhone 5 rumor mill again, with new evidence that they are working quickly to roll out 4G LTE coverage in some of the biggest U.S. mobile markets. Is this in anticipation of

AT&T Limits Its Grandfathered-In Unlimited Data Plan; Sprint Could Benefit With 4G iPhone 5

AT&T has tried to match Sprint in the marketplace as a price leader in data plans. But a new report today reveals that the U.S. mobile giant is using limitations and data “throttling” once users reach a data usage threshold,

In Spite of Costs and Speed Issues, Sprint Revels In iPhone 4S Investment

Sprint’s deployment of the iPhone 4S on its network has been incredibly costly and fraught with early technical issues. But in spite of the price tags and tech headaches, getting the iPhone has been a lifesaver for the U.S.’s third-largest

Sprint iPhone 4S Sales Soar, But Can Their Network Hold Up?

 The iPhone 4S has easily become Sprint’s best-selling device in the company’s history. But will their 3G network technology be able to support all of the new device activations on the Sprint network? After defeating the Romans with huge casualties,

Sprint Will Audiocast Rumored iPhone 5 Event, Confirms 4G Announcement

Sprint’s PR department updated the iPhone 5 News Blog today with a little bit of news regarding their scheduled October 7th media event, which many in the media believe will be used to announce the launch of the iPhone 5

Sprint CEO Plays Coy On iPhone 5 To Investors

Unlike T-Mobile, who definitively put to rest rumors of getting the iPhone 5 this year, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse offered more innuendo that Sprint will get the iPhone 5. Sprint continues to leave a breadcrumb trail of innuendo and suggestion

Sprint Offering Cheaper Unlimited Plan With The New iPhone 5

If You Have Sprint, You’re About To Be REAL Happy! This is HUGE news! I made a speculative post the other day about whether or not Sprint would keep their unlimited plan when releasing the iPhone 5… and based on

iPhone 5 to Be Apple’s First World Phone, Will Sprint Carry It?

iPhone 5 Will Support both GSM and CDMA Rumors of a both GSM and CDMA Apple smartphone have been around since 2009, but at that time, analysts believed that an iPhone carrying Qualcomm’s dual-carrier chip will not be available earlier

Sprint Keeps Quiet About the Latest Rumors, iPhone 5 to Have Smaller Display

Sprint Employees Not Allowed to Talk About the iPhone 5 According to Sprint Feed, Sprint employees have received a memo instructing them on how to deal with customers who are asking if they will carry the iPhone, or when the