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iPhone OLED Screen Rumor Rekindles Curved Display Speculation

A recent rumor out of Korea suggesting that Samsung is producing OLED screens for the iPhone 5 harkens back to speculation that Apple’s next iPhone could have a curved, convex display. As we’ve noted here on the blog throughout 2012,

iWallet, NFC Technology Speculation Ramping Up For iPhone 5 Again

NFC technology and the ability to use your iPhone to pay for goods was one of the first hot rumors for the iPhone 5. Heading into iPhone 5 season, speculation about NFC and “iWallet” is once again catching on. When

iPhone 5 Release Date Speculation Hinged On Production Rumors

The rumor mill is still debating June or the early Fall for an iPhone 5 release. But until we get hard evidence that production in Asia is ramping up, it’s all just theory. Let’s be clear: when it comes to

Dual-Price & Dual-Model iPhone 5 Speculation Resurfaces

In 2011, many tech analysts believed that Apple would seek to enter the value-priced smartphone market with an iPhone 5 and lesser-priced iPhone 4S. Now, tech pundits are envisioning the possibility of dual models for both the iPad 3 and

iPad 3/iPhone 5 Speculation; Post And Riposte

iPad 3/iPhone 5 Speculation; Post And Riposte My weekend blog entry indulging in some pre-Christmas I-device speculation sparked some interesting discussion on the forum Recyclops expressed doubt that the next iPad and iPhone will be powered by Apple’s current A5

Invitation Day: iPhone 5 Announcement Speculation Intensifies

September 14th has become a new speculative line in the sand for iPhone 5 enthusiasts, with many expecting press invites to go out today for a media event next week. Dawn in Cupertino, California. Apple’s PR team is waking up,