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New Source Puts iPhone 5 On Track For June Release, 4-Inch Display & No Teardrop Form Factor

An article from 9to5Mac today, purporting to be quoting a Foxconn staffer, indicates much of what the iPhone 5 News Blog reported on months ago: the next iPhone will be the “iPhone 5,” with a release date in June, a

Top Source Claims: iPhone 5 To Have “4-inch Screen and Will Be Announced in June, 2012″

The iPhone 5 News Blog’s exclusive source has just told us today that the iPhone 5 will deliver on a bigger, 4-inch screen, a thinner form factor, and will be announced in June of 2012. An anonymous source for a

iPhone 5 News Blog’s Inside Source Gets iPhone 4S Right

Boasting about getting the iPhone 4S right feels like watching a football game at someone’s funeral and fist-pumping a touchdown in the middle of a eulogy. Many iPhone users are frustrated and disappointed that Apple failed to deliver on the