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Google Voice Search for iPhone and iPad is All Set to Compete with Siri

In today’s dynamic tech-world, it has really become extremely important for companies to think on their feet and to adapt immediately to the current popular trends. When it comes to adoption of latest trends then Apple doesn’t let slip away

Nunace Powere T-Mobile Genius Search

Nuance Communications has revealed that its Dragon voice and natural language understanding technologies are behind the newly released Genius Search feature from T-Mobile that is available on the myTouch and myTouch Q smartphones. The feature enables users to talk to

In Search of the Most Effective mCommerce Solutions

New Look – last year's winner, with MIG, in the mCommerce CategoryMobile and commerce are made for each other, and the Most Effective mCommerce Category is designed to reward the most effective mobile commerce platforms and solutions. New Look and

In Search of the Most Effective Ad Campaigns

There are now just three weeks left to get your entries in for our 2012 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards – yesterday we called for apps, and today we're doing a shout out for the best mobile advertising campaigns. Mobile advertising

Marketers Continue Upward Trend in Paid Search Advertising says IgnitionOne Report

A report by IgnitionOne shows how marketers are continuing the upward trend of paid search advertising campaigns, despite a 16 per cent slow in growth rate between April and June 2012. Mobile search advertising increased 333 per cent year on

Zeitgeist: iPhone 5 Keyword Sixth Most Popular On Google Search In 2011

Google’s 2011 Zeitgeist list cites the search term “royal wedding” as this year’s fastest rising Google keyword search, beating out “iPhone 5.” But read how this story betrays the huge popularity of the iPhone 5 in search for 2011. If

iPhone 4S’s Siri Is a Search Engine, Will Compete With Google Search

Apple’s new Siri voice assistant uses LSI and AI technologies, making it more like Google Search and less like a simple app. If you’ve already invested in the new iPhone 4S, chances are you’re most excited about its top gadget:

Opinion: Shady search for iPhone 5 casts iCloud over Apple

Yes, the story of Apple’s police-aided, ham-handed hunt for a second lost iPhone prototype has received a fair amount of attention. However, the Keystone Kops-like caper deserves a lot more, and probably would have gotten it right off the bat