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How to Replace iPhone 4 & 3GS Screen?

How to repair broken iPhone screen? Here are two iPhone screen replacement video tutorials that will walk you through how to replace iPhone 4 & 3GS screen. www.appleiphoneapps.net

Play Music Direct from Home Screen Folders on iPhone

It’s not often that we get to see some really useful tweak – and by that we mean highly useful, designed specifically to cut all the hassles and get your things done correctly and easily. Have you ever thought how

New iPhone Screen Size; Would Bigger Be Unequivocally Better?

Now that a pretty strong consensus is gelling that there will be no iPhone 5 unveiling at the Worldwide Developers Conference next month, focus of speculation has turned once again to issues like what screen size the next iPhone will

Get the Gesture-based Lock Screen to iPhone and iPod Touch with Stride for iOS

Created by developer Adam Bell, Stride is a new jailbreak tweak that brings gesture-based lock screen to iPhone and iPod Touch. No more entering lengthy passwords  or having to use ‘slide to unlock’ bar as Stride for iOS makes the

iPhone OLED Screen Rumor Rekindles Curved Display Speculation

A recent rumor out of Korea suggesting that Samsung is producing OLED screens for the iPhone 5 harkens back to speculation that Apple’s next iPhone could have a curved, convex display. As we’ve noted here on the blog throughout 2012,

Access iOS 5 Notification Center from Lock Screen with Bulletin Tweak For iPhone

Access iOS 5 Notification Center from Lock Screen with Bulletin Tweak For iPhone is a post from: iPhnoeStuffs4U.com The iOS 5 Notification Center and Siri Digital Assisstant have been two very popular features included in the public release of iOS

How to Record iPhone and iPad Screen to Make A video

How to Record iPhone and iPad Screen to Make A video is a post from: iPhnoeStuffs4U.com Making screencasts on iPad and iPhone could come in very handy if you need to share something with your friends, with your peers and

iPhone 5 to Have 4 Inch Screen and May Be Waterproof

The rumor mill has been spinning out of control ever since 2011 with the release of the highly anticipated iPhone 4S that was expected to be the more advanced iPhone 5. Now in 2012 after the emergence of the iPhone

4″ iPhone 5 Screen Will Force Apple To Reinvent the iPhone Form Factor

Since its inception, Apple has never radically altered the dimensions of the iPhone. Is Cupertino ready to inflate the iPhone 5 to accommodate a 4″ screen? There is new fodder today on the news wire suggesting that a 4″ screen

Big iPhone 5 Screen Could Throw App Developers Into Flux

The recent rumors are suggesting that the iPhone 5 will indeed feature a larger screen. But a larger screen also means that app developers will have to retool their apps for the new resolution. In an iPhone 5-related report filed

The iPhone 5′s 4-inch IGZO Screen: What You Need To Know

Details about the technology surrounding the iPhone 5‘s purported 4-inch screen are now coming to the surface. Read about what an IGZO screen on the iPhone 5 could mean for users. In a recent survey of iPhone 4S users that

Report: New Apple Supplier Means LTE, New Battery, Screen for iPhone 5

A tech analyst’s recent report outlines how Apple’s production moves indicate that new technologies are coming to the iPhone 5 in the battery, screen, and LTE department. Anyone who has followed the iPhone 5 rumor mill from its very beginnings

iPhone 4S Vs. iPhone 4 Camera Test / 720p / Split Screen


Today, we’re going to take a look at how the iPhone 4S matches up with the iPhone 4 in a series of videos. This video is being uploaded in its raw and unedited format straight to YouTube. This video features

Anti-Jobs 4-inch Screen Rumors Intensify, iPhone 5 Release Date: Summer

Another reputable source has come forward with information that the iPhone 5 will indeed feature a 4-inch screen, along with a form factor redesign, for a Summer 2012 iPhone 5 release. And apparently the new design with larger screen was

How to Clean iPhone 4/4S Screen Safely to Keep It Brand New

We get asked quite a lot of times – what’s the best way to clean iPhone 4/4S screen safely. It’s easy – and if you do it regularly, may be in two years, you can get back almost the same

How to Clean iPad Screen Safely

Even though the iPad comes with an oleophobic coating, it is necessary to clean the iPad screen regularly. For those of us who need to know the best way to clean iPad screen safely, here’s how to clean the iPad