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iPhone 5 Sets Sales Records in Spite of Flaws

Let me start by saying that even though my opinion may be skewed towards Apple, that does not do anything to change the fact that in spite of all the flaws and complaints about the iPhone 5, this new device

Domino’s Mobile Sales Jump 50 Per Cent

Domino's Pizza has seen its mobile sales rise by 46.9 per cent in the UK during Q3, 2012, up to a total value of £11.6m. mCommerce, across Domino's mobile site and apps, accounted for 18.5 per cent of its total

Sold Out! iPhone 5 Sales Shut Down Apple Pre-Order

Early iPhone 5 sales are living up to even the loftiest expectations, with iPhone 5 pre-orders getting pushed back a week due to massive consumer demand. Last year, you’ll recall an oft-cited survey that predicted that the 35% of consumers

Mobile Sales To Hit $730bn by 2017

'Couch Commerce' will push mobile transactions to hit an estimated $ 730bn (£466bn) by 2017, according to research from Juniper. This growth will be driven by retailers migrating to mobile, led by companies such as Domino's Pizza and Argos, which

Mitsubishi Drive Sales with iPad App

Mitsubishi Motors has picked mobile marketing company Incentivated to develop an iPad business app which will be used by Mitsubishi sales teams at promotional events in the UK. The app will be used to showcase the company's range of cars,

China iPhone Sales Skyrocket

The quarterly sales of the Apple iPhone in China have skyrocketed in the recent months, indicating that the numerous examples of negative press it has received have not tempered the desire of Chinese consumers to have the high tech smartphone.

Apple and Samsung Dominate Smartphone Sales and Profits

Selling smartphones to the masses is one thing, but making money off those customers is quite another entirely, according to a new report from Canaccord Genuity. Just ask Apple or Samsung, then ask every other mobile handset maker on the

UK Carriers Get Ready for iPad 3 Demos and Point of Sales in Time for 13th March

A source close to Redmondpie, working with Everything Everywhere, the partnership of T-Mobile and Orange, has revealed that the new iPads may have actually arrived to help the companies to get ready for demonstrations and set up point of sales

How Much Has the iPhone 5 Release Delay Hurt Apple Smartphone Sales?

The iPhone 4S is a nice piece of work, with a substantial performance improvement and feature set enhancement over the iPhone 4. The form factor, while a carryover from the previous model, is a classic, and while Apple opted to

Sprint iPhone 4S Sales Soar, But Can Their Network Hold Up?

 The iPhone 4S has easily become Sprint’s best-selling device in the company’s history. But will their 3G network technology be able to support all of the new device activations on the Sprint network? After defeating the Romans with huge casualties,

Summertime iPhone 5 Rumors Hurt Q3 iPhone Sales For Apple

Wall Street is frowning on an earnings report from Apple today that shows they failed to meet analysts’ iPhone sales predictions for Q3 2011. The long, painful wait for the iPhone 5 certainly played a role. Apple is dealing with

What Letdown? — iPhone 4S Initial Sales More Than Double iPhone 4 Initial Rate

In his MondayNote blog, Jean-Louis Gassée, former head of Apple France, later appointed to Steve Jobs’s former position as head of Macintosh development by Apple CEO John Sculley after Sculley fired Jobs in 1985, observes that what many of us

Hot Phone 4S Preorder Sales Project Most Successful iPhone Launch To Date

Notwithstanding lugubrious predictions of an “epic fail” for Apple with the iPhone 4S, it looks like the company Jobs built has another out-of-the-park home run on its hands with the new handset, Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports that AT&T alone sold

iPhone 5 Sales Are Predicted to Be the Highest Yet, Sony to Supply 8MP Camera

iPhone 5 Demand Expected to Be Very High New reports show that Apple’s fifth generation phone will be in the position to surpass iPhone 4’s sales. iPhone 5 is expected to be five times more profitable than its predecessor. Apple,