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“We Don’t Need Your Stinkin’ 19-Pin!” New Rumors Of An 8-Pin iPhone 5 Dock Connector

If the unbridled joy and fervor of the 30-pin dock connector being reduced to the newfangled 19-pin variety, then get ready for an even tinier, 8-pin dock connector for the iPhone 5. Or so the rumor mill tells us. For

Glasses, Spiders Pervade iPhone 5 Form Factor Rumors

Whether a result of sheer boredom or the lack of any new actionable rumors regarding the iPhone 5 form factor, we’re being bombarded with crazy, next-generation concepts for how the iPhone 5 could end up not being a handheld device

LiquidMetal Revitalizes iPhone 5 Form Factor Rumors Ahead Of WWDC

With less than a week to go before the kick-off of the Worldwide Developers Conference, LiquidMetal is injecting themselves back into Apple and iPhone 5 speculation. Since the advent of iPhone 5 speculation, LiquidMetal has been at the forefront of

Entry-Level ‘iPhone Nano’ Rumors Resurface – Expected to be Launched This Year

Apple’s iPhone rumors are always rife in the market with the iPhone 5 expected to be released this year. There had been speculations about a cheap iPhone, a low budget iPhone, the iPhone Nano which seemed to have died down

Revisiting LiquidMetal Rumors For iPhone 5, iPad 3, New Batteries

LiquidMetal alloy technologies are rumored to be a possibility for the iPhone 5′s back. But analysts also believe that it could revolutionize the look of the iPad 3 as well. The nice thing about running the iPhone 5 News Blog

iPhone 5 Release Rumors Coalesceing Around 2012 WWDC

More iPhone 5 release reports are swinging towards a June WWDC announcement. Is this a reasonable possibility, or a buzz builder by the media? Immediately following the release of the iPhone 4S, the tech media went with the safe bet

iPhone 5 Release Date Speculation Hinged On Production Rumors

The rumor mill is still debating June or the early Fall for an iPhone 5 release. But until we get hard evidence that production in Asia is ramping up, it’s all just theory. Let’s be clear: when it comes to

iPhone 5: The final rumors


Apple’s official announcement is coming October 4, and we’ll bring you all the final pieces to the iPhone 5 puzzle. Plus, Apple’s paying attention to a Kindle that’s hot like “Fire.” 9to5mac.com www.youtube.com itunes.apple.com 9to5mac.com www.macrumors.com news.yahoo.com www.industrygamers.com www.appleinsider.com www.theregister.co.uk

iPhone 5 Rumors – Upcoming Features to Expect in the iPhone 5

A lot of rumors have been circulating about the iPhone 5 device. Everyone assumed that Apple will be releasing their next-gen iPhone last October 4, 2011. However the company only released an updated version of the iPhone 4 known as

Last Minute Rumors: January 27th Apple Event


twitter.com Video Rating: 4 / 5

iPod Touch 5th Generation Release Date and Features (Rumors)

So there was a time we thought iPod Touch 5th Gen would arrive with all pompous flair. In fact, there was actually nothing different there – it was just an iPod Touch 4G in white. Quite a lot of rumors

Anti-Jobs 4-inch Screen Rumors Intensify, iPhone 5 Release Date: Summer

Another reputable source has come forward with information that the iPhone 5 will indeed feature a 4-inch screen, along with a form factor redesign, for a Summer 2012 iPhone 5 release. And apparently the new design with larger screen was

CNET Apple Byte: iPhone 5: Rumors vs. Reality


We’ll makes sense of all the iPhone 5 rumors floating around. The iPad 3 is pushed to 2012, even though it never had an official release date. Plus, we’ve found a cat for the next Mac OS X. Video Rating:

Summertime iPhone 5 Rumors Hurt Q3 iPhone Sales For Apple

Wall Street is frowning on an earnings report from Apple today that shows they failed to meet analysts’ iPhone sales predictions for Q3 2011. The long, painful wait for the iPhone 5 certainly played a role. Apple is dealing with

Early 2012 iPad “Mini” Rumors Contradict Steve Jobs, Larger iPhone 5

Steve Jobs was very clear that a 7-inch iPad made little sense to him, since it would suffer from an identity crisis. But new rumors suggest a “mini” iPad for early 2012 to compete against the Kindle Fire. How would

Weekend iPhone 5 Rumors Roundup

Sprint Memo Suggests iPhone 5 To Launch Before October 15 Beta 7 Build Of iOS 5 Points To Imminent iPhone 5 Announcement Longer iPhone 4 Ship Times Also Point To Imminent iPhone 5 Announcement iPhone 4 Sales Remain “Robust” Notwithstanding