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No More Secrets: Rabid iPhone 5 Rumor Mill May Have Killed Apple’s Love For iPhone Mania

Steve Jobs seemed to revel in the intense speculation and tension that their ultra-secret new product policies created. But perhaps the  unreachable expectations and sales roller coasters aren’t viable marketing tactics for Cupertino anymore. Amidst all of the purported leaked

iPad Mini Will Be A Brazilian Affair – Makotakara Rumor

Makotakara, the Japanese publication that often comes up with sometimes-spurious rumors, has surfaced with a claim that says the iPad Mini could be entirely produced within Brazil. Apple has already pushed Foxconn to manufacture iPhones within its Brazilian industry and,

“New” Tactile iPhone 5 Touchscreen Rumor Recycles “Haptic Feedback” Patent From 2011

Apple's own patent outlining "haptic feedback." iPhone 5 rumors die hard — and seem to come around and again and again. This time, it’s the “new” tactile iPhone 5 touchscreen. The new story was spurred from a bit of new

A Smidgeon of Truth In Lame Laser Keyboard iPhone 5 Rumor

Bored with its own rumors, the iPhone 5 rumor mill is trying out unfounded rumors that the new iPhone will have a projected laser keyboard. For as lame and improbable as this rumor is, it is not completely unfounded. One

iOS 6 Release Date to Announce at WWDC 2012: Rumor

Apple iPhone5 is already making headlines everywhere but Apple has something important coming up besides iPhone5 and that is new Operating system called iOS 6. People are expecting a lot from this new version of iOS as Apple has always

A New 5-Inch iPhone 5 Display Rumor – Will 5-Inch Screens Become a New Smartphone Standard?

With the preponderance of speculation claiming that the iPhone 5′s new display will be on the lower end of 4 inches, the big, 5-inch iPhone 5 display rumor persists. With the big, new GS3 screen and the marginal success of

Rumor: Apple to Launch $799 MacBook Air in Q3 2012?

A leading tech site, DigiTimes, claimed on Monday that Apple is planning to launch $ 799 MacBook Air in Q3 2012. Currently, Apple’s 11-inch 64GB MacBook Air is priced at US$ 999, a 128GB version priced at US$ 1,199, a

Rumor: iPhone 5 Preparing for Fall release – Features to Include a 4-inch Display, Metal case and Smaller Dock Connector

iLounge, famous for rumors about iPhone ia back with a new one! The next iPhone is the most talked about topic these days and the latest rumor coming from the editor at iLounge indicates that the device is to be

Apple’s 7.85-inch Mini iPads Costing $250-$300 Rumored for a 3rd Quarter Launch: Rumor

NetEase, the Chinese net portal is claiming that the iPad Mini release date will be sometime around the third quarter of this year in time to hold competition with the upcoming Windows tablets. The rumored iPad Mini price as declared

Apple HDTV/iPanel Release Date Could Be in Q4 2012 | The “iPanel” Rumor Begins

It is merely hours since Barron reported about Peter Misek’s email containing several rumors and observations on the Apple HDTV. Starting from a strange nomenclature, calling it the iPanel, the report looks very unlikely as pointed out by top-players like 9to5Mac.

iPhone OLED Screen Rumor Rekindles Curved Display Speculation

A recent rumor out of Korea suggesting that Samsung is producing OLED screens for the iPhone 5 harkens back to speculation that Apple’s next iPhone could have a curved, convex display. As we’ve noted here on the blog throughout 2012,

June iPhone 5 Release Date Possible With Late-Year Mini iPad Rumor

The rumor mills have recently settled on fall of 2012 for the iPhone 5 release. But if the recent rumor from a Samsung executive is true and that a Mini iPad will debut later in the year, a June iPhone

Rumor: iPhone 5 to be Launched Later This Year and to Have 4G LTE Connectivity

Rumors were rife about the new iPad and other products to be launched at the Apple event and now that the products have been launched and are set to be released this Friday the focus has shifted towards the next

Siri On The iPad 3, Mini iPad To Come Later In 2012: Rumor

Rumors and speculation about a mini iPad 3 have died hard. Now, a top tech analyst predicts a mini iPad 3 released later in 2012, plus Siri for the iPad 3 and more. How do you feel about the prospect

iPad 3 Could Debut On March 29th: Rumor

A scheduled Apple event and plenty of actionable intelligence about production ramping up gives us a good sense that the iPad 3 could debut at the end of March. Thus far, few prognosticators have had much luck in predicting the

iPhone 5 NFC Rumor Trying To Make A Comeback

NFC and wave-and-pay technology was one of the first big iPhone 5 feature rumors in 2011. Now, with a bit of new NFC-related news from Mastercard, it is making its way back into the iPhone 5 conversation. But is there