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Millennial SMART Report Reviews 2011

A comparison of 2010 and 2011, broken down by OSMobile ad network Millennial Media has released its latest SMART report, reviewing 2011 in mobile advertising. Over the course of the year, nine verticals – including finance (314 per cent), FMCG

iOS 5.1 Offers Mixed Reviews For iPhone 4S Battery Drain Issues

Mixed reports indicate that iOS 5.1 has delivered a definitive fix to the iPhone 4S’s battery drain issue for some users, while making the issue worse for others. Among the new features and fixes included in iOS 5.1, nothing was

Paid app reviews are bad app reviews

I’m gonna take a break from reviewing apps right now to rag on someone else’s website even though it means giving them undeserved publicity in the process! The other day I came across a press release for this ass-ugly website

iPhone 4S Case Reviews


A look at multiple cases for your iPhone 4S Video Rating: 4 / 5 We launched 2 iPhone 4S phones with a weather balloon to go up to 100000. We put one of the iPhone 4S’s on an interval photo