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iPad Mini Back Panel Images: Real or Fake?

This looks like a fake, as noted by both readers and other moulding experts, but nevertheless, it’s got the “iPad Mini” tag and we’re bound to cover it. Nowhereelse.fr posted about a Chinese website releasing what it claimed to be

Sociercise – Real World Exercise Meets Virtual Racing

Sociercise LLC, a Georgia start-up founded by app developers Bobby Valentine and Tom Vinkler, is soon to release its new fitness app, Sociercise. The app uses GPS and accelerometer technology to allow users in two different locations to participate in

Sims Creator Begins Tampering with Real Life

Will Wright, creator of The Sims, is moving beyond mere pixels, and taking gamers with him. Instead of letting you play god and housing designer to a group of non-sentient AI, his newest game will actually play games with your

Real Drums 4.0 – Turns your iPhone into Professional Drums

iPhoneXCoder has announced the release of Real Drums 4.0 for iPhone and iPod touch. Real Drums turns any iPhone or iPod touch into professional drums. Easily set instruments and sound kits from the application menu. Real Drums was developed to