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Is Google Wallet Ready to Cozy Up With Carriers?

Slow adoption and a lukewarm reception from carriers and retailers has caused Google to rethink its strategy for Google Wallet. The company tells Bloomberg that it is pleased with Google Wallet's progress so far. But with only one partner carrier in

Best Retina Display Ready New iPad / iPad 3 Apps

The wait for the new iPad is over as it has finally been made available. The app makers are hard at work with the best Retina display for new iPad. The increase in pixels gives excellent clarity especially for gamers

How to Get Ready to Upgrade your iPad

One of the most frequent questions I get to answer is “how to upgrade iPad”. I feel that with the advent of technology and upcoming new models in less than the time the old one becomes a real old one,

UK Carriers Get Ready for iPad 3 Demos and Point of Sales in Time for 13th March

A source close to Redmondpie, working with Everything Everywhere, the partnership of T-Mobile and Orange, has revealed that the new iPads may have actually arrived to help the companies to get ready for demonstrations and set up point of sales

Speck’s iPad 3 Case Ready. We’re Waiting for the Device Now!

You all know Speck, evergreen, popular and professional gadget case maker who have been producing awesome-looking iPad and iPhone cases. They have released an accessory for a device everyone is now sure of hearing about. Yeah, the iPad 3. Speck

Study Finds That 71% Of Mobile Users Ready To Pay Using NFC

The prevailing logic about NFC and “wave and pay” technology for iOS and the iPhone 5 is that it’s not quite ready to go mainstream. But a new study finds that an overwhelming number of mobile users want to begin

iPhone 5 – A 4-inch Smarty Ready To Come Out This Summer?

Foxconn, if you did not already know, was the company that handled manufacturing for Apple’s iPad and iPhone devices. That’s a ‘was’ because it looks like Apple has now plans to turn to someone called Pegatron to handle the manufacturing.

When Will The iPhone 5 Be Ready For Release?

iPhone 5 Conceptualization The biggest factor in the iPhone 5 being “ready” could center around 4G LTE networking. AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon are each going to build out their own LTE networks at their own pace, and while Apple would