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Quality Control

The importance of quality assurance for mobile applications, software and devices is often underestimated. Whether a mobile device is intended for business or private use, we tend to have high expectations, and assume that our chosen technology will simply work.

If You Are Searching For Good Quality Camcorder You Might Wanna Have A Look At The Kodak PlayFull Waterproof Video Camera

Floor tape applicator can be found in any where; Arnold K. Smith Just about everyone nowadays wants to get on their own a camcorder so they are able to begin recording the things that go on in their lives. When

How to View High Quality YouTube Videos over 3G

If you’re an iPhone user, you may have found out that it is an amazing device to watch videos on You Tube. But, there is a problem in case you’re travelling as the video quality is reduced due to its

iPod 720p HD Camera Tweak – Improve iPod Touch 4G Picture Quality Via Jailbreak Tweak

Here’s a simple jailbreak app that lets you improve iPod Touch 4G pictures quality – which, we must all agree, is not impressive at all. At about 0.6 MP (with a meagre 960x720px) the pictures are not at all great.