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Adfonic Post Tracks Apple UDID Ban

Mobile ad network Adfonic has joined the conversation on Apple's decision to deprecate UDIDs, with a blog post entitled UDIDs are on the way out, but don’t panic. The post covers what exactly UDIDs are, and why they've attracted concerns,

iPad 3/iPhone 5 Speculation; Post And Riposte

iPad 3/iPhone 5 Speculation; Post And Riposte My weekend blog entry indulging in some pre-Christmas I-device speculation sparked some interesting discussion on the forum Recyclops expressed doubt that the next iPad and iPhone will be powered by Apple’s current A5

Post Steve Jobs: Apple’s next chapter begins


TECH 24 – Apple embarks on a new chapter in its storied history as its founder and chief creative visionary Steve Jobs formally stepped aside due to his declining health. Although long expected, the announcement still came as a surprise