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Touchscreen Production Trends Point Toward Fall iPhone 5 Release

More indication that a June iPhone 5 release is increasingly unlikely came late last week in a Digitimes report that Taiwanese Apple OEM suppliers TPK Holding and Wintek are anticipating a 15-20% sequential decline in their shipments of touch panels

UK Carriers Get Ready for iPad 3 Demos and Point of Sales in Time for 13th March

A source close to Redmondpie, working with Everything Everywhere, the partnership of T-Mobile and Orange, has revealed that the new iPads may have actually arrived to help the companies to get ready for demonstrations and set up point of sales

Web Logs Point To Apple Testing iOS 5.1, iOS 6 On iPads; iPad 3 With Enhanced Resolution

According to an Ars Technica web log, iPads are hitting their site running both iOS 5.1 and iOS 6, suggesting that iOS 6 could indeed be on its way in 2012 after all. There has been some conjecture over whether

iOS 5.1 Internals Point to March 9th Release

In development since November 2011, iOS 5.1 is due for release, and developers have found clues indicating that it will be March 9th. Will Apple roll out the iPad 3 on date as well? We wrote in another article earlier

New Halloween themed pack coming to Project: Breaking Point sale

The Men OF Honor is celebrating halloween with new free content for Project: Breaking Point which became the 14th top downloaded app in Japan on October 2nd. We are also dropping the price down to .99 cents to make it