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More iPhone 5 Parts Picture Leaked: NanoSIM and Smaller Home Button

More iPhone 5 parts are getting leaked. Pictures of several parts from the rumored iPhone 5 have been leaked yet again from a Chinese site. Being consistent with the earlier iPhone 5 parts leaked pictures from Nowhereelse.fr, this image shows

iPod 720p HD Camera Tweak – Improve iPod Touch 4G Picture Quality Via Jailbreak Tweak

Here’s a simple jailbreak app that lets you improve iPod Touch 4G pictures quality – which, we must all agree, is not impressive at all. At about 0.6 MP (with a meagre 960x720px) the pictures are not at all great.

Surprisingly Accurate Photo of iPhone 5 (Concept Picture)

Although we truly won’t know what the iPhone 5 will look like until it comes out in the next couple weeks, this artist’s conceptualization of what the fifth-generation iPhone will look like is surprisingly accurate when compared to rumors of