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More iPad Mini Photos Leaked: Possibly Just Fake

Apple.pro recently leaked some photos claiming them to be those of the iPad Mini. With rumors of iPad Mini and iPhone 5 getting thicker by the day, with slated launch dates of September 12th this year, the leaks have actually

Leaked Photos Claim to Reveal iPhone 5, iPad Mini

A purported "iPhone 5 engineering sample" from GottaBeMobile Newly obtained photos of engineering samples reveal molds that purport to show the iPhone 5 and Mini iPad form factors. The iPhone 5 mold corroborates earlier sightings of a longer, metal-backed design.

How to Delete Photos from Photostream in iOS 5.1 on iPhone and iPad

With Apple releasing the iOS 5.1, several new features have come up. One of them is the most-awaited feature: deleting photos from the photostream right from your iPhone or iPad. We get asked this question a lot of time. How

How to Send Multiple Photos in Single Text Message

Now you can learn how to text message multiple photos at once with your iPhone. So, gone are the days when you had to wait while each photo was being sent one by one. The good thing about this is

TouchRetouch iPhone App to Remove Unwanted Objects from iPhone Photos

In many pictures, many unwanted things come along with the main object. This unwanted thing makes the picture not as good as it really is. People who like perfection desire to remove this unwanted thing but cannot do so because

iPhone 5 Home Button Exposé Crushes Photos of Overhauled Form Factor

From HowToArena.com Earlier photos that purported to show reams of new, larger iPhone 5 screens sporting elongated home buttons has met some fresh skepticism. iPhone 5 enthusiasts may remember a set of leaked photos from mid August that purported to