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The Aftermath of the Apple vs. Samsung Patent Case

What is perceived by many as the Tech Trial of the Century is finally over, and once the smoke cleared, it was Apple that ended up with the big victory. Samsung was ordered to pay Apple a whopping amount in

“New” Tactile iPhone 5 Touchscreen Rumor Recycles “Haptic Feedback” Patent From 2011

Apple's own patent outlining "haptic feedback." iPhone 5 rumors die hard — and seem to come around and again and again. This time, it’s the “new” tactile iPhone 5 touchscreen. The new story was spurred from a bit of new

Apple Vs. Samsung: Infographic of The Patent War Between Apple And Samsung

Apple and Samsung War still continues although Samsung seems to be on the stronger position. The war between these giants began with Apple having alleged that Samsung Galaxy’s smartphones and Tablets infringed its patents. Apple won earlier in Germany and

Large-Screen iPhone 5 In Time For New Multi-Touch, 3D Apple Patent?

Apple’s new multi-touch 3D patent reveals a next-generation approach to gesture control that is featured on the iPad in schematics. But Apple’s new focus on this technology could also involve increasing the screen size of the iPhone 5 as well.