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Report Confirms: iPhone 5 In September, iPad Mini In October

A new report appears to reconcile the release schedule for the long-rumored iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, with the former arriving in September and the latter in October. Over the past few weeks of mass production rumors concerning the iPhone

Chip Supploers Gearing Up For Next-Generation iPhone Silicon – Early October Release Probable

Digitimes’ Cage Chao and Steve Shen reported Friday that chipmakers including Qualcomm, Broadcom, STMicroelectronics, NXP, Texas Instruments (TI) and OmniVision have have according to industry sources commenced building up stocks of their silicon components to be used in Apple’s next-generation

Qualcomm Chip Shortage May Suggest June iPhone 5 Release, Not October

Qualcomm’s admission of a production shortfall in their 28-nanometer chips has led analysts and tech pundits to assume that the iPhone 5′s release date will be delayed because of it. Read how Qualcomm’s supply issues may have been caused by

Next Generation iPhone June Debut Plausible, But October Still The Likeliest Bet

Blogger danbo of the Japanese Apple-watcher site Macotakara reports that in a major Japanese business news program “World Business Satellite (WBS)” broadcast by TV-Tokyo of a program entitled “Launching the Rising-Sun Display company”, a Foxconn spokesman explained the reason for

Steven Paul Jobs February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011 Requiescat in Pace

How do you fly your flag at half-mast metaphorically in cyberspace? I was profoundly saddened to hear of Steve Jobs’ death Wednesday evening. Ironically, the news came to me on my old-technology television set rather than onan Apple product, but

iPhone 5 Announcement Officially Scheduled – October 4th


The Release Of The iPhone 5 Couldn’t Come Soon Enough many cell phone users around the Globe. The announcement that Apple had sent out announcement to most of the major media sources was a breath of fresh air for iPhone

Facebook Deletes iPhone 5 Fan Pages Ahead of October 4th Announcement

Facebook’s move to delete several top iPhone 5-related fan pages points to a big Facebook-related iPhone announcement at the media event on October 4th, and the possibility that the next iPhone may indeed be called “iPhone 5.” On Monday of

Apple to unveil iPhone 5 during media event on October 4

Recent news about Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 suggests that Apple might unveil iPhone 5 during the media event on October 4 in California. Apple has recently invited media to attend a special event called “Let’s talk iPhone” on Oct

Apple Confirms October 4th iPhone Announcement; Invitations Sent

For once, all of the rumors have proven to be true. After the mainstream media reported that the iPhone 5 announcement would come on October 4th at Apple’s own Cupertino, CA venue, all of that information has finally come true.

October 4th iPhone 5 Event Rumored To Be At Cupertino

Fresh rumors indicate that Apple will use its own headquarters in Cupertino to announce the iPhone 5 on October 4th, breaking a long-standing tradition of using other venues for its iPhone launches. The October 4th iPhone 5 announcement date rumor

October 4th/5th iPhone Rumored Release Date In Question

Don’t Get Me Wrong, I Love The iPhone series, and will LOVE the iPhone 5 but I think it’s time that the media (myself included I guess) stopped making this release into such a huge deal. I mean, come on!

Al Gore Spills Beans On iPhone 5 In October

One of Apple’s Board of Directors may have just spilled the beans on the iPhone 5′s release in October — and that Board is none other than Al Gore. Move over climate change, Big Al is now the new iPhone

July 1st – Suppliers Begin Preparing For iPhone 5; October Seems Most Likely

iPhone 5 Coming Soon According to a recent report by Digitimes, suppliers in Apple’s iPhone supply-chain are preparing for a September announcement of the iPhone 5 and a October release of the smartphone to the consumer market.The report cites a

August 4th – China Telecom Confirms iPhone 5 For October

iPhone 5 Coming Very Soon! China Telecom recently stated that they’ve reached a ‘preliminary agreement’ with Apple to carry the next-generation iPhone, which they say will be a simplified iPhone 4.Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities recently issued a note to

Apple iPhone 5 could debut in October

Apple fans are desperately waiting for the iphone 5 release so they they can get their hands on the device as soon as possible and it looks like the things may be looking up for all those iphone lovers. The

iPhone 5 to Be Released in China and Canada in October

Leaked Info Indicates October Release in Canada and China It has been reported this week by BGR(BoyGeniusReport), the well known tech blog, that leaked documents form Telus, a big Canadian telecommunication company, indicate an October 1st release date for the