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Consumers Call For More Mobile Banking Apps

By 2020, 36 per cent of consumers believe that they will be doing all of their banking on smartphones. Meanwhile, 67 per cent of banks predict that all of their UK consumers will be using some form of mobile banking

No More Secrets: Rabid iPhone 5 Rumor Mill May Have Killed Apple’s Love For iPhone Mania

Steve Jobs seemed to revel in the intense speculation and tension that their ultra-secret new product policies created. But perhaps the  unreachable expectations and sales roller coasters aren’t viable marketing tactics for Cupertino anymore. Amidst all of the purported leaked

More iPhone 5 Assembly

iResQ, the repair guys, have posted more photos of the assembled iPhone 5. Yeah, the zeitgeist is going to be ticking only about iPhone 5 at least till September 21st, when it is expected to be released in the market.

More iPhone 5 Leaked parts: NFC and Enhanced Home Button

Days are zipping by as we wait in anticipation of yet another Apple event that would bring to the world yet another Apple product – the iPhone 5. But as the days close in, we are finding out a lot

More iPhone 5 Parts Picture Leaked: NanoSIM and Smaller Home Button

More iPhone 5 parts are getting leaked. Pictures of several parts from the rumored iPhone 5 have been leaked yet again from a Chinese site. Being consistent with the earlier iPhone 5 parts leaked pictures from Nowhereelse.fr, this image shows

More iPad Mini Photos Leaked: Possibly Just Fake

Apple.pro recently leaked some photos claiming them to be those of the iPad Mini. With rumors of iPad Mini and iPhone 5 getting thicker by the day, with slated launch dates of September 12th this year, the leaks have actually

Winners Text More, says Acision

A graph showing the peaks in Spanish SMS during the match – click to see it full-sizeApparently, there was a little kickabout between Italy and Spain's football teams last week. Something called the Euro 2012 final? Maybe you missed it.

CTIA Details Mobile Data Surge as it Pushes for More Spectrum

CTIA's chief executive fired off some statistics to help frame the state of mobile in the US today and back up CTIA's No. 1 goal of attaining more spectrum for its carrier partners.  The number of data-capable devices jumped 9

More New iPad Woes: iPad 3 Battery Life Underperforms By As Much As 10%, Battery Indicator “Lies” About Full Charge

When the iPad 3′s battery meter indicates a full charge, it’s usually only charged at 90%, cheating users of over an hour’s worth of usage. Ever since the launch of the iPhone 4S in the fall of 2011, battery life

Full-screen Ads Pay Five Time More than Banners

A Greystripe campaign in actionFull-screen mobile ads pay five times more than banners, according to Greystripe. This figure was reached by analysing all campaigns running on the mobile ad network over a two month period.   Apps in Greystripe’s network

Even More Waterproof iPhone 5 Wackiness

The quirky waterproof Liquipel sealant that makes smartphones able to withstand a swim in a fish tank seems like a far-fetched rumored feature for the iPhone 5. But a new rumor report suggests that it is indeed coming to both

iPad 3 To Get LTE First, But It’s Looking More Likely For iPhone 5 As Well

Given the intensity of rumor buzz saying so, it will be a surprise if the iPad 3 (some are saying it will be a 2S) shows up in March without available LTE 4G support. That of course means the iPad

“Most Anticipated Tech Product of 2012″ – the iPhone 5 – More Than Just The Phone

SodaHead.com, an online opinion-based community, has released the results of a poll asking consumers what is the “Most Anticipated Tech Product of 2012″ and iPhone 5 came out on top with 35% of the vote.  Runner-up was the iPad 3

Increase Your iPhone 4S’ Battery Life, 3D iOS Maps, Jailbreak iOS 5, 5.0 With Safari Patch & More


This is the fifty-nineth episode of BestTechInfo And Rumors! Links to the articles discussed in this episode: 1. Apple’s acquisition of C3 Technologies will lead to incredibly accurate 3D maps in future iOS releases: www.besttechinfo.com 2. How to dramatically increase

Insanely Great Show – Skype/MS Deal, Apple Retail Stores, Upgrading the new iMac + More (Podcast)



A6 CPU For iPhone 5 Looking More Likely, But Probably Not Till Fall 2012

I’ve been of a mind that Apple would probably wait for an iPad 3S or iPad 4, and maybe an iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 before rolling out their forthcoming quad-core A6 mobile processor. However, I may have been mistaken