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Over 600m Apps were Downloaded Between January and March

To see the full top 10 for iOS and Android, click the imageThe number of apps downloaded for iPhone and Android devices between January and March 2012 hit a total 603m, shooting up from 552m in three months. That's according

7-Eleven Tips Off NCAA March Madness With QR Coded Cups

7-Eleven is teaming up with Coca-Cola's Powerade to run a mobile campaign this month during the NCAA March Madness college basketball tournament. The brands plan to engage consumers over the course of the 67-game tournament via QR codes and social

UK Carriers Get Ready for iPad 3 Demos and Point of Sales in Time for 13th March

A source close to Redmondpie, working with Everything Everywhere, the partnership of T-Mobile and Orange, has revealed that the new iPads may have actually arrived to help the companies to get ready for demonstrations and set up point of sales

iPad 3 Release Date Event is Set for March 7th

Finally Apple has announced an event to release their next generation iPad 3. Apple has sent out invitations for the event. The Event will take place at 10:00 am PT on March 7 2012. Event will be held at the

iPad 3 Release Date Now Rumored to Be March 9 – Shipments From Foxconn Started

In what can be called a dramatic news that breaches the limit of being just a rumor, the whole cyberspace is now abuzz with information that iPad 3 shipments from the Chinese Foxconn have begun. The iPad 3 will arrive

iOS 5.1 Internals Point to March 9th Release

In development since November 2011, iOS 5.1 is due for release, and developers have found clues indicating that it will be March 9th. Will Apple roll out the iPad 3 on date as well? We wrote in another article earlier

A New iPad 3 Release Date Floated: March 7th

The tech media appears to be using a dart board to take a guess at an iPad 3 release date. With 31 days in March, many figure they have a 1-in-31 chance to get it right. We’ve been trying to

iOS 5.1 Release Date Reportedly Set On March 9th

iOS 5.1 Release Date Reportedly Set On March 9th . Not sure if you are eagerly waiting to do the next OTA update on your iPhone, but we sure are. The next iOS update is iOS 5.1 (which has already

iPad 3 Could Debut On March 29th: Rumor

A scheduled Apple event and plenty of actionable intelligence about production ramping up gives us a good sense that the iPad 3 could debut at the end of March. Thus far, few prognosticators have had much luck in predicting the

iPad 3 Release Date – Early March Likely!

The iPad 3 release date has been in the news loop for long. Here’s some more rumor – this time, putting the iPad 3 release date closer to March. Macotakara, a Japanese website dealing with Apple news leaked – or

iOS 5.1 beta Reveals Forthcoming iPhone 5 Clue, But Will It Be March, June, Or Next Fall?

A report from the French Apple-watcher site HardMac’s Lionel notes that last week, Apple released a beta build of iOS 5.1 to developers, in which is found a reference to “iPhone 5.1.” Lionel cautions that this discovery falls well short

iPhone 5 Release Date March 2012: Stronger Prediction

According to latest reports the iPhone 5 release date has suddenly moved forward to March 2012. There are quite a lot of things going on within Apple right now – and we all believe that besides iPad 3 and iTV,

March 2012 iPhone 5 Release Would Equal Epic Fail For Apple, iPhone 4S

Disgruntled iPhone users may be calling for the release of the iPhone 5 a.s.a.p. But rumors of a March 2012 iPhone 5 release date make little sense, and would equal an epic fail for Cupertino and the iPhone 4S. It

Apple – Special Event – March 2, 2011


Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveil iPad 2 at a special event on March 2, 2011, in San Francisco. iPad 2 is thinner, lighter, and faster, with two cameras for FaceTime video calls and HD video recording. Yet it still

Will Apple Release iPad 3 in March 2012?

The iPad 3 release date was supposed to be arriving in March of next year. However, it’s now being reported by sources from the upstream supply chain that Apple is not planning to launch a major iPad upgrade any time

BusinessInsider Suggests that iPhone 6 Could Debut in March 2012

iPhone users are currently eagerly anticipating the iPhone 5. But recent rumors from top tech and business analysts suggest that the iPhone 6 could debut as soon as March of 2012. A common conundrum for iPhone users over the past