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LiquidMetal Revitalizes iPhone 5 Form Factor Rumors Ahead Of WWDC

With less than a week to go before the kick-off of the Worldwide Developers Conference, LiquidMetal is injecting themselves back into Apple and iPhone 5 speculation. Since the advent of iPhone 5 speculation, LiquidMetal has been at the forefront of

Revisiting LiquidMetal Rumors For iPhone 5, iPad 3, New Batteries

LiquidMetal alloy technologies are rumored to be a possibility for the iPhone 5′s back. But analysts also believe that it could revolutionize the look of the iPad 3 as well. The nice thing about running the iPhone 5 News Blog

Where Does LiquidMetal & Gorilla Glass Fit Into the 2012 iPhone 5?

An aluminum back and unibody construction are dominating the iPhone 5 rumor mill this week. Where will Apple’s acquisition of alloy pioneer LiquidMetal, Gorilla glass, and those glass cutting machine rumors from last year fit into the 2012 iPhone 5