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O2 and Nike to launch Priority Sports ‘in days’

Stevenson: Priority Sports launch in 'days'Mark Stevenson, Managing Director of O2 Priority Moments has revealed to Mobile Marketing Live delegates that Priority Sports will launch with a fanfare of television advertising “over the next couple of days”. The new service

iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Launch Dates: Can’t Be Simultaneous

It would look quite obvious but it took someone like John Gruber to finally set the stage for the discussion on iPhone 5 and iPad Mini launch dates. Rene of iMore posted sometime back – it’s almost a month now

Tagging the Nightlife with the Launch of Olmeca Tequila App

Pernod Ricard is launching NightTag, a 'nightlife social app' for iOS, Android and BlackBerry, as part of a mobile campaign for Olmeca Tequila. The app, created by media agency Amsterdam Worldwide, captures the location of the club the user is in using GPS, and what music is

OPINION: What’s Behind Microsoft’s Surface Launch

Often a company to get hype wrong, Microsoft's launch of its new Surface tablets seemed to strike the right chord with attendees. The event, held in Los Angeles this week, appears to have left people impressed and eager to learn

Blippar Helps Domino’s Launch Pizzas

Domino's Pizza is rolling out a Facebook and AR campaign to launch a new 'Mexicano' pizza range. The AR game element is powered by AR marketing specialists Blippar. The Mexican-themed game is accessed through 'blipping' the Domino's logo from the

Reading Room and Netbiscuits Launch Charity Hackathon

International digital consultancy Reading Room is launching a 48-hour hackathon event, in support of Men's Health Week. With on-site support from app platform company Netbiscuits, Reading Room staff will work to create a mobile web app to help diagnosis of

Rumor: Apple to Launch $799 MacBook Air in Q3 2012?

A leading tech site, DigiTimes, claimed on Monday that Apple is planning to launch $ 799 MacBook Air in Q3 2012. Currently, Apple’s 11-inch 64GB MacBook Air is priced at US$ 999, a 128GB version priced at US$ 1,199, a

Is Apple Planning to Launch Its Own Mobile Carrier?

Apple CEO, Steve Jobs had initially sought to launch Apple’s own mobile carrier with unlicensed WiFi spectrum and also to totally avoid using other carriers. However, he later dropped the idea yet was successful in influencing the wireless industry with

Sprint 4G LTE Rollout On Track For iPhone 5 Launch

America’s third-largest mobile carrier is back in the iPhone 5 rumor mill again, with new evidence that they are working quickly to roll out 4G LTE coverage in some of the biggest U.S. mobile markets. Is this in anticipation of

Apple’s 7.85-inch Mini iPads Costing $250-$300 Rumored for a 3rd Quarter Launch: Rumor

NetEase, the Chinese net portal is claiming that the iPad Mini release date will be sometime around the third quarter of this year in time to hold competition with the upcoming Windows tablets. The rumored iPad Mini price as declared

Hot Phone 4S Preorder Sales Project Most Successful iPhone Launch To Date

Notwithstanding lugubrious predictions of an “epic fail” for Apple with the iPhone 4S, it looks like the company Jobs built has another out-of-the-park home run on its hands with the new handset, Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports that AT&T alone sold

Logic of New Leaked AT&T Documents Refute iPhone 6 Spring Launch Claim

Fresh rumors about the iPhone 6 have circulated recently that it could see a Spring 2012 release. But a new leaked document from AT&T shows that the mobile giant’s timeline for implementing 4G on Apple mobile devices may prove the