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SHSH Blobs of iOS 5.1.1 – Save Them Right Away Before It Becomes Too Late

A very valid point was brought out by Redmondpie on its post – that of saving SHSH blobs. There have been many times when people haven’t been able to downgrade after upgrading their iDevices. This usually becomes a major problem

Late 2012 Windows Superphones Puts iPhone 5 Release Into Perspective

A leaked document reveals that Windows “Superphones” that will rival the iPhone 5 and similar Androids will arrive in late 2012. Read how the Windows Superphone release roadmap gives us a clue about when the iPhone 5 might be released.

Apple MacBook Pro Late 2011 8GB Memory & SSD Upgrade


Apple MacBook Pro Late 2011 8GB Memory & SSD Upgrade. Supplied by www.apple.com SSD by www.mx-technology.com Memory by www.crucial.com Sponsored by www.youtube.com Sponsored by www.diabloskinz.com The application used to clone the OS to the SSD was SuperDuper www.shirt-pocket.com The docking