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iTunes not Showing iPhone? You can Easily Fix It

Is your iPhone not showing in iTunes even after you attach your device to the computer and launch iTunes? Well, don’t panic as you may have clicked on the “Hide” button. So try clicking on the “Show” button in “DEVICES”

Apple Has Started to Censor Word ‘Jailbreak’ in The US iTunes Store

Apple is filtering word jailbreak in the US iTunes because it considers the word equal to an expletive. Now doesn’t that sound like the Cupertino actually hates the word? Well, this morning came the news about a new Apple policy

How to Fix “iTunes Library File is Locked” Error

This is a fairly simple error which usually can be set right with a few steps. iTunes sometimes throws up the error ‘iTunes Library File is Locked’ which prevents you from playing any song on iTunes. Here’s how to fix

How to Transfer Contacts to iPhone Without iTunes

This is a very simple thing which most people actually don’t know, or make use of. You can transfer contacts to your iPhone from any source easily. Of course, we all know how to do that on iTunes, but you

How to Download MP3 Songs Directly into iPhone without iTunes!!!

How to Download MP3 Songs Directly into iPhone without iTunes!!! is a post from: iPhnoeStuffs4U.com Downloading MP3 songs directly into your iDevice without iTunes is quiet touch job… as by default, iTunes is one and the only medium to synchronize

iTunes U Becomes A Separate App – Brings A Classroom To Your iPad

Put simply, iTunes U is the world’s largest catalog of free education content. That’s how the App Store describes iTunes U – the add-on has become a separate app launched today. The iTunes U software brings you some of the

Apple iPhone 4 TV Ad iPod + iTunes


If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPod in your phone. And you don’t have iTunes on your phone, the world’s number one music store.

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