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iOS 5.1 Offers Mixed Reviews For iPhone 4S Battery Drain Issues

Mixed reports indicate that iOS 5.1 has delivered a definitive fix to the iPhone 4S’s battery drain issue for some users, while making the issue worse for others. Among the new features and fixes included in iOS 5.1, nothing was

In Spite of Issues, iPhone 4S, Siri Get High Marks From Users

Much has been made about users’ dissatisfaction with the iPhone 4S, coupled with the still lingering frustration of the ever-delayed iPhone 5. But a new poll reveals that the iPhone 4S is the most beloved iPhone yet. A statistics professor

In Spite of Costs and Speed Issues, Sprint Revels In iPhone 4S Investment

Sprint’s deployment of the iPhone 4S on its network has been incredibly costly and fraught with early technical issues. But in spite of the price tags and tech headaches, getting the iPhone has been a lifesaver for the U.S.’s third-largest