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iPhone 4 & 4S Prices Drop: Apple Follows Target, BestBuy and Sprint

The iPhone 4 and 4S are now available on discounts not just from Sprint but also from two other major players in the market: Target and BestBuy. And what’s even more interesting is that Apple follows suit and has announced

iMessage Not Syncing Between A Mac and iPhone or iPad? Here’s How To Fix

Sometimes, you might find that messages that you send to iPhone do not get reflected back on Mac and vice versa. Even though Apple makes configuring iMessages very simple, there are times when iMessages on the iOS device and iMessages

This Is How iOS Apps Look on a 4-inch iPhone 5

Sonny Dickson, a contributor to 9To5Mac, has created some images that show you how iOS apps look on an 4-inch iPhone 5. We’ve been reporting on the recent findings that the iOS 6 firmware has been specifically designed so that it’s aware

Google Voice Search for iPhone and iPad is All Set to Compete with Siri

In today’s dynamic tech-world, it has really become extremely important for companies to think on their feet and to adapt immediately to the current popular trends. When it comes to adoption of latest trends then Apple doesn’t let slip away

Uh Oh! iPhone 5 Battery Leaked, Similar mAh As The (Underpowered) iPhone 4S

Some iPhone 4S users complain about low battery performance. New purported images of the iPhone 5 battery reveal a longer, thinner design that is only marginally more powerful than the iPhone 4S’s battery pack. Is this cause for alarm, or

More iPhone 5 Parts Picture Leaked: NanoSIM and Smaller Home Button

More iPhone 5 parts are getting leaked. Pictures of several parts from the rumored iPhone 5 have been leaked yet again from a Chinese site. Being consistent with the earlier iPhone 5 parts leaked pictures from Nowhereelse.fr, this image shows

Kicking The Google Habit: iPhone 5, iOS 6 To Drop YouTube Support

In the wake of Apple dropping Google Maps from iOS 6 and replacing it with its own in-house technology, new news that YouTube native support will be dropped as well. Will iOS be Google-free by 2013? News broke yesterday that

How to Forward / Rewind Songs On iPhone Using Headphones

Apple’s gadgets are usually beset with powerful features that we hardly learn about. Take for instance, the headphone that Apple supplies with iPods or iPhones. They’re cool (and quite a lot of users have actually not felt so comfortable with

Report: iOS 6 Accommodates Rumored Longer iPhone 5 Display

Skeptics of the purported iPhone 5 prototypes have suggested that the longer display and stretched aspect ratio would cause mayhem in the app world. But new evidence shows that iOS 6 can accommodate the elongated screen. Among people who are

How to Jailbreak iOS 6 Beta 4 on iPhone 4/3GS with Redsn0w

The guys over at iPhoneDevTeam keep Redsn0w updated. With p0sixninja, pod2g and more developers already having done the ground work, iOS 6 betas remain pretty easily jailbroken even now. With iOS 6 beta 4 released just yesterday, Redsn0w’s 0.9.13dev3 lets you

Photo and Video Comparison of iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 Front Panel

Apple may not prefer to spill the beans regarding its ground-breaking forthcoming iPhone5 but enthusiastic iPhone fans can still manage to extract the details regarding the most-sought after mobilephone. Latest in addition to join the leaked images of iPhone5 is

Digg App for iPhone and iPad: An Attempt To Bring Back Digg

Digg, right when we all thought it’s days were over, jumps back with an iOS app, specifically designed with Apple’s core minimalism and aesthetics in mind. The Digg iPhone app is really a battered down version of a reader: only,

“We Don’t Need Your Stinkin’ 19-Pin!” New Rumors Of An 8-Pin iPhone 5 Dock Connector

If the unbridled joy and fervor of the 30-pin dock connector being reduced to the newfangled 19-pin variety, then get ready for an even tinier, 8-pin dock connector for the iPhone 5. Or so the rumor mill tells us. For

How to Install Installous 5 on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

Installous 5 is the recent upgraded version of Installous, one of the most popular Cydia Apps for iOS. Installous lets you choose and download apps that cost you money on iTunes App Store. This is so that you can try

iPhone 5 Pictures

With the recent iLab Factory video showing the iPhone 5 housing, the iPhone 5′s overall design appears to be almost confirmed. While rumors and deliberations on this would go on till the final day when iPhone 5 is finally and

Next-gen iPhone, Now Out of Foxconn Factory Premises?

Everyone seems to be waiting for Apple’s cut above upcoming iPhone. Not only those, who are interested in buying this new iPhone, are biding their time but those who can’t afford to buy this time, are curious to know about