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iPhone 5 Has Space for Larger Battery

This one appears a bit too late for analysis but Shawn Lee of DisplaySearch posits that the new iPhone 5 should have a larger battery with more capacity. Too bad rumors (almost very confirmed ones) indicate that Apple would be

What’s In A Name? – Will The New iPhone Get An A6 SoC After All?

Less than two weeks to go now before all is revealed about the new iPhone’s specifications, and several potential features are still being hotly debated – notably dissonance over whether the new Apple phone will support Near Field Communications (NFC)

More iPhone 5 Assembly

iResQ, the repair guys, have posted more photos of the assembled iPhone 5. Yeah, the zeitgeist is going to be ticking only about iPhone 5 at least till September 21st, when it is expected to be released in the market.

So Basically No NFC?: AnandTech Says NFC Unlikely in iPhone 5

While 4G seems very probably, all those reports about NFC in iPhone 5 are now being downplayed after AnandTech posted that the new small square chip couldn’t probably be that of NFC. On the website, it’s a lot of technical

More iPhone 5 Leaked parts: NFC and Enhanced Home Button

Days are zipping by as we wait in anticipation of yet another Apple event that would bring to the world yet another Apple product – the iPhone 5. But as the days close in, we are finding out a lot

iPhone 5 Fully-assembled Front-panel Images

As the date for iPhone 5′s announcement and launch nears, more leaked parts seem to emerge. This time, although it’s not about more leaked parts per se, Apple.pro posted images of what appear to be ‘assembled’ parts of the iPhone

Report Confirms: iPhone 5 In September, iPad Mini In October

A new report appears to reconcile the release schedule for the long-rumored iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, with the former arriving in September and the latter in October. Over the past few weeks of mass production rumors concerning the iPhone

iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Launch Dates: Can’t Be Simultaneous

It would look quite obvious but it took someone like John Gruber to finally set the stage for the discussion on iPhone 5 and iPad Mini launch dates. Rene of iMore posted sometime back – it’s almost a month now

Risks Involved in iPhone Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking iOS 5 is a popular practice among iPhone users. It allows users to install apps from sources other than the app store. What’s more, users of company devices can easily jailbreak their phones to install any software they want.

iPhone 5 Charging Cable Photo Leaked- 8Pin Dock-Connector Shows Up

Now this is what is most interesting about all these iPhone 5 rumors. Picture this: iLounge tweets a post about Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers under $ 300 from their website. And in reply, it gets something that soon gets picked

Everyone Seems to be On iPhone 5 Now: Der German Telecom Website’s Preparation

iPhone 5 might be the sole property of Apple intellectually but the information about the device is getting harassed everywhere. A German “telekom”, Mobilecom Debitel, now appears to be sure of the September release and has put up content that

Everything Everywhere Could Bring You iPhone 5 with 4G In the United Kingdom

In a somewhat immediate after-effect of Ofcam’s approval of Everything Everywhere’s 4G proposal, “sources” of Pocket-lint have seem to have hinted that Everything Everywhere would be carrying the iPhone 5 with 4G support. Although it seems a direct consequence of

iPhone 5 Full Front panel (with chips) Surfaces

UBREAKIFIX.com revealed a set of pictures showing iPhone front panels purportedly right from the assembly. The website reports that one of their distributors provided the panels. While it looks authentic based on all the previous leaks we’ve seen and heard

Best 5 Handy Apps Worth Trying Out On Your iPhone

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, have literally taken over the world. There are billions of users who own a mobile device such as iPhone and use them to carry out various tasks. But since the iTunes Store is

How Nokia, Microsoft and Google are Responding to the Impending iPhone 5

It's the industry's latest worst kept secret – Apple will launch the iPhone 5 at an 12 September event. It's still only a rumour, but one other companies in the handset space certainly seem to have bought it into, if

You Could Probably Pre-order iPhone 5 On Sept. 12th

News about iPhone 5′s imminent announcement and launch are already up in the air. With more leaked parts showing up across cyber space, it appears that most sources that confirmed a September 12th release / announcement are going to be