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iPad Mini Back Panel Images: Real or Fake?

This looks like a fake, as noted by both readers and other moulding experts, but nevertheless, it’s got the “iPad Mini” tag and we’re bound to cover it. Nowhereelse.fr posted about a Chinese website releasing what it claimed to be

iPad Mini Prototype Surfaced At IFA 2012

Case makers who look deep into the future and bet on products to design cases for, need prototypes to work with. And so, it was quite natural that iPad Mini prototypes surfaced at the IFA 2012 going on at Berlin.

iPad Mini Would Be Thinner and Lighter

Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has said in a research note that the iPad Mini would be thinner than we expect it to be and lighter too thanks to Apple adopting a new touchscreen technology called GF Ditto. The iPad

Report Confirms: iPhone 5 In September, iPad Mini In October

A new report appears to reconcile the release schedule for the long-rumored iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, with the former arriving in September and the latter in October. Over the past few weeks of mass production rumors concerning the iPhone

iPad Mini Case Images Leaked: Show Thinner Bezel

In what appears to be a sleek and perfect design, Giz-China.com posted some images of rumored iPad Mini cases that seem to fit the descriptions of the rumored device we’ve been hearing of late. On one of the design, the

iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Launch Dates: Can’t Be Simultaneous

It would look quite obvious but it took someone like John Gruber to finally set the stage for the discussion on iPhone 5 and iPad Mini launch dates. Rene of iMore posted sometime back – it’s almost a month now

Best iPad Apps for Seniors

It might be easy to make the assumption that technology—mobile technology in particular—is a younger generation’s game, but there are plenty of savvy seniors, and plenty more unafraid to jump right into the deep end.Here’s a look at some of

Purported iPad Mini Pictures Reveals Thinner Bezel

An iPad Mini design without proper bezel sounds funny and occasionally ridiculous to look at but according to reports from 9To5Mac, it appears that Apple’s iPad Mini could just be having thinner bezels on the sides (when you hold the

Webtrends Releases Social Media Analytics App For iPad Webtrends Today

Webtrends has launched Webtrends Today, an iPad app for tracking social media trends. The app collects data from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and provides analytics and insights. “We developed the Webtrends Today app with the needs of our customers and modern

How to Convert iPad into Mac OS X Tab? Here Read on:

Apple Inc. is adored by people for the kind of sophistication and aesthetic appeal it offers through its devices. This Cupertino- based company has set a further milestone success by launching iPad and we all know about this fact that

iMessage Not Syncing Between A Mac and iPhone or iPad? Here’s How To Fix

Sometimes, you might find that messages that you send to iPhone do not get reflected back on Mac and vice versa. Even though Apple makes configuring iMessages very simple, there are times when iMessages on the iOS device and iMessages

Google Voice Search for iPhone and iPad is All Set to Compete with Siri

In today’s dynamic tech-world, it has really become extremely important for companies to think on their feet and to adapt immediately to the current popular trends. When it comes to adoption of latest trends then Apple doesn’t let slip away

More iPad Mini Photos Leaked: Possibly Just Fake

Apple.pro recently leaked some photos claiming them to be those of the iPad Mini. With rumors of iPad Mini and iPhone 5 getting thicker by the day, with slated launch dates of September 12th this year, the leaks have actually

Digg App for iPhone and iPad: An Attempt To Bring Back Digg

Digg, right when we all thought it’s days were over, jumps back with an iOS app, specifically designed with Apple’s core minimalism and aesthetics in mind. The Digg iPhone app is really a battered down version of a reader: only,

How to Install Installous 5 on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

Installous 5 is the recent upgraded version of Installous, one of the most popular Cydia Apps for iOS. Installous lets you choose and download apps that cost you money on iTunes App Store. This is so that you can try

Original iPad Prototype Had Kickstands, Wasn’t That Beautiful

We are not sure if this is the “good” aspect of a lawsuit between Apple and Samsung but it sure looks like a treat for eyes that await something “cool”. Like for instance, Apple’s earliest prototypes for iPhone and iPad.