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Digitimes Report: Next Generation iPhone & 10-Inch iPad to Arrive in September and 7 Inch iPad in August

Digitimes which has been known for Apple rumors has come out with a fresh one now. According to the publication, Apple supplier Pegatron Technology has acquired orders for iPhone 5 which is scheduled for a September launch. And not just

iPhone 5 to Have 4 Inch Screen and May Be Waterproof

The rumor mill has been spinning out of control ever since 2011 with the release of the highly anticipated iPhone 4S that was expected to be the more advanced iPhone 5. Now in 2012 after the emergence of the iPhone

iPhone 5 Release Date: 7+ Inch iPad 3 Would Defy Steve Jobs’ View On Mini Tablets

In his lifetime, Steve Jobs downplayed the viability of sub-9-inch tablets, tacitly stating that Apple would never release a mini iPad. But new rumors of a 7-inch “mini” iPad 3 would be Apple’s first defiance of Steve Jobs’ vision for

iPhone 5 cases suggest larger screen than 4 inch screen

While we have heard a number of rumors about the Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5, a rumor that surfaced the web recently suggest that the iPhone 5 would come up with a 4-inch screen to take on Android phones. According to