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Corning Rolls Out Bendy Willow Glass

Corning, creator of the Gorilla Glass commonly used in smartphone screens, has released its ultra-slim and flexible Willow Glass. Given that the glass has the potential to enable displays to be wrapped around a device and, according to Corning, is

Google Does AR With Project Glass

Google is making its first serious Augmented Reality play with the development of Project Glass. It’s a pair of glasses which functions as a heads-up display of all the stuff you typically see on your mobile phone. The Google developers

Where Does LiquidMetal & Gorilla Glass Fit Into the 2012 iPhone 5?

An aluminum back and unibody construction are dominating the iPhone 5 rumor mill this week. Where will Apple’s acquisition of alloy pioneer LiquidMetal, Gorilla glass, and those glass cutting machine rumors from last year fit into the 2012 iPhone 5

Curved Glass 2012 iPhone Rumor Suggests iPhone 6 Will Feature a Form Factor Overhaul

A new report suggesting that Apple will deploy its glass cutting machines in 2012 for a curved glass display indicates that the iPhone 6 will be the recipient of a form factor overhaul. The current iPhone 5 rumor mill has

Curved Glass iPhone Coming — In 2012; What To Expect Next Week

Last May we linked to a DigiTimes report by Yenting Chen and Steve Shen noting that handheld device cover glass suppliers were reluctant to invest in the necessary glass cutting equipment due to high capital cost, Consequently, Apple itself had