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Discovery Bay Games Raises Capital for iOS Appcessories

After the Apple iPhone was released in 2007 by the late Steve Jobs, the mobile world was clearly rocked and changed forever. The iOS may be just “an iPod Touch with phone capabilities”, as some of Apple’s detractors may have

Iconosys Preloads Games on nabi 2 Tablet

App developer Iconosys, which specilises in games for children, has revaled that a number of its app wil be preloaded on Fuhu's nabi 2 Tablet, the first Android Tablet developed specifically for kids. Iconysis will pre-load Gnomes on a Fence,

230m Users Play Facebook Games Monthly

230m users play games on Facebook every month, according to a blog written by developer Douglas Purdy, with over 130 games attracting more than 1m active users each. Facebook has driven 134m visits to iOS apps, and 83m to the

YoYo Games Launches GameMaker: Studio

Rick O'Shea, one of the games created using the GameMaker platformYoYo Games has launched GameMaker: Studio, a development tool which can be used to create iOS, Android and HTML5 mobile games. GameMaker: Studio provides users with a drag-and-drop interface and

Telefónica Looking to Become a Major Player in Mobile Games

Telefónica Digital has signed a deal with EA Mobile to enable its subsrcibers to access the publisher's games on their smartphones and feature phones. The service, which will be first available through O2 in the UK, will give customers three

Top 5 iPhone Puzzle Games

Puzzles are among the most popular games that people download on their mobile devices: searches for favorite puzzle games occur as often as searches for any other type of downloadable game. Puzzles are fun and arguably addictive, and can also

The Line Between Games and Reality Further Blurred

As time goes on, technology gets more and more sophisticated and video games are becoming increasingly more realistic. Today’s games have stunning graphics, imaginative story lines, improved game interactions and controls, and online player connectivity. Video games are becoming increasingly

NCAA Fans Turn To Mobile For First Round Games Coverage

US basketball fans dramatically increased their access of sports content across all three primary screens for web access – computer, Tablet and smartphone – as they tried to stay plugged into the first 32 games of the NCAA college basketball

10 Addictive iPhone Games that You’ll Never Get Bored of

When it comes to cell phones these days, it really is all about the iPhone. From its crystal clear reception, to its unbeatable camera, to its wealth of available apps, iPhone truly does set the standard to beat in a

Best iPhone Puzzle Games – Top 10 iPhone Puzzle Games of All Time

Here are some of the best iPhone puzzle games. iPhone puzzle games are great – for one, I can while away time without getting bored when I am waiting for a commute, or at the grocer’s. There’s literally a galaxy

Top 3 iPhone Strategy Games

Strategy is a beautiful thing. It can win you wars, Sun Tzu-style, or it can help you pass time with your iPhone without going brain dead. While some of the simpler games are brilliant for passing a few minutes, there’s

Getting More From Your Kid’s Games on Your iPhone

With the advent of educational games, iPhones are being used as pacifiers. If a child is bored, crying or generally being obnoxious, the smartphone gets stuck in their hands like a pacifier gets stuck into their mouths. Sometimes the games

5 Games for a Quick Study Break

There is nothing worse than working on projects for school knowing that the best thing a break can give you is another cup of coffee. It is important to get in a solid break periodically where you can remove yourself

5 Games Guaranteed to Addict and Educate

It’s amazing how many dumb things you can do with a smartphone. Many of the apps featured on the iPhone are ridiculous. They basically serve a market of individuals who are so app happy they will download anything with a