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The Future of Mobile Advertising

Smartphones are rapidly becoming the most common device connected to the Internet. For the first time ever last year, smartphone sales passed PC sales. Now, everyone's attention is turning towards the future of mobile advertising. BI Intelligence has produced a comprehensive presentation on

Tablets Shaping the Future of the App Market, says research2guidance

Between 2010 and 2011, the global installed base of app consumers increased by 104 per cent, according to a report from research2guidance. That included 274m new smartphones users, but the fastest growing segment was on Tablets, increasing by 58m, to

iPhone 4S’s Siri Is The Stuff That The Future Is Made Of

Because so many iPhone users were expecting a redesigned iPhone, the disappointment of the iPhone 4S’s form factor — a reappropriation of the iPhone 4 — and the lack of the larger screen has disillusioned and diminished the excitement for

The New Normal: iPhone 6, Future iPhones May Remain On Late-Summer Release Schedule

In spite of the fact that the iPhone 5 is stated to be released at the end of the summer, tech analysts and bloggers still cannot accept the logic that a September release for the iPhone 6 and beyond may