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iPhone 5 Thickness Compared to iPhone 4S: From up-close

When you talk about the iPhone 5, most of us note the larger display and some geeks will tell you about the smaller dock connector. But what most smartphone users are interested in is the thickness of the new iPhone

Operators – Learn From the Banks

Strand argues that mobile operators can learn from how the banks have embraced digital marketingIt’s a brave man that advises anyone to look to the banks as a paragon of good business practice right now. But the analyst, Strand Consult,

Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to iPhone

A lot of tutorials on the web show you how to transfer contacts from one BlackBerry smartphone to another, or from one iPhone to another. What if you want to transfer contacts from a BlackBerry to the iPhone? We thought

How to Remove Jailbreak from iPhone!

While everyone’s looking to see how to jailbreak iPhone, there are also those who are ready to take the other path – no jailbreak. And then there are also those who want to remove jailbreak from iPhone. Removing jailbreak is

Play Music Direct from Home Screen Folders on iPhone

It’s not often that we get to see some really useful tweak – and by that we mean highly useful, designed specifically to cut all the hassles and get your things done correctly and easily. Have you ever thought how

Samsung Software Deal Helps Users Switch from iPhone

Easy Phone Sync Samsung Mobile UK is to offer a software tool to all Samsung Galaxy purchasers that makes it easy to switch from using an iPhone. Easy Phone Sync allows users to set up their Galaxy device through iTunes,

How to Remove Dictation from iPhone 4S!

Voice dictation is an excellent feature on the iOS – iPhne 4S and the new iPad – no doubt, but there are quite a lot of people we meet who say it’s not exactly interesting because they are more comfortable

“New” Tactile iPhone 5 Touchscreen Rumor Recycles “Haptic Feedback” Patent From 2011

Apple's own patent outlining "haptic feedback." iPhone 5 rumors die hard — and seem to come around and again and again. This time, it’s the “new” tactile iPhone 5 touchscreen. The new story was spurred from a bit of new

iPhone 5 Concept Video – Made From All The Leaked Parts / Schematic

Blackpool Creative released a short video showing, in crisp detail, how the iPhone 5 would look if all the different leaked parts and schematics were brought together to build the iPhone 5. As you know, there are already quite a

A Right Royal App from ITN and AlwaysOnMessage

AlwaysOnMessage and ITN Source have partnered for the release of the Diamond Jubilee Video Tour, a free iOS app which guides users on a GPS-enabled walking tour of 15 of London’s royal locations, with each location triggering a video of

Cricket Wireless to Offer Prepaid iPhone from June 22

At last, the day arrives when iPhones can be had for prepay plans. Cricket Wireless introduces prepaid iPhone in the US starting June. The iPhones will be made available as follows (prices indicated too): iPhone 4S 16GB – $ 499

CrossCountry Trains Deploys Payforit 4 from ImpulsePay

Passengers on board CrossCountry Trains will be the first to benefit from the new version of the Payforit mobile payment system, Payforit 4. ImpulsePay has enabled Payforit 4, launched recently by the UK’s mobile operators, for CrossCountry Trains to enable

Facebook Ponies Up $550m for AOL Patents From Microsoft

Facebook is not afraid to burn cash in the run up to its long-expected IPO. The social media giant is shelling out $ 550m in cash to buy 650 of the patents and patent applications Microsoft acquired from AOL earlier

5 Features that Users Expect from the iPhone 5

The title sounds extremely innocuous and a flight of fancy, but the truth is that even though iPhone users are quite satisfied with their iPhone 4S and what it offers them, they still expect the iPhone 5 to offer them

How to Send AirPlay Video from an iPhone or iPad to a Mac, PC, or TV with the XBMC App

Have you heard about XBMC? Well, it is an amazing free app converting your Mac or PC into a complete media center. Currently there is this new version of the app in the market and it has been brought out

Mobily Picks Up M2M Solution from Gemalto

Saudi Arabian operator Mobily has selected the Machine Identification Module (MIM), from digital security company Gemalto, for its deployment of M2M services. The devices will be installed for upcoming M2M projects in the power management and transportation industries, including smart