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Glasses, Spiders Pervade iPhone 5 Form Factor Rumors

Whether a result of sheer boredom or the lack of any new actionable rumors regarding the iPhone 5 form factor, we’re being bombarded with crazy, next-generation concepts for how the iPhone 5 could end up not being a handheld device

LiquidMetal Revitalizes iPhone 5 Form Factor Rumors Ahead Of WWDC

With less than a week to go before the kick-off of the Worldwide Developers Conference, LiquidMetal is injecting themselves back into Apple and iPhone 5 speculation. Since the advent of iPhone 5 speculation, LiquidMetal has been at the forefront of

New Source Puts iPhone 5 On Track For June Release, 4-Inch Display & No Teardrop Form Factor

An article from 9to5Mac today, purporting to be quoting a Foxconn staffer, indicates much of what the iPhone 5 News Blog reported on months ago: the next iPhone will be the “iPhone 5,” with a release date in June, a

4″ iPhone 5 Screen Will Force Apple To Reinvent the iPhone Form Factor

Since its inception, Apple has never radically altered the dimensions of the iPhone. Is Cupertino ready to inflate the iPhone 5 to accommodate a 4″ screen? There is new fodder today on the news wire suggesting that a 4″ screen

Slim iPhone 5 Form Factor, Metal Back & Funky New 3D Display

A flurry of new rumors are suggesting the iPhone 5 will feature Apple’s favorite form factor innovation: thinness. But we’ve also picked up on some further suggestions of a metal back, as well as a funky, new display and touch-pad

Flurry of iPhone 4S/5 Case Leaks Fail To Confirm Next Form Factor

A series of leaked photos and screen shots of evidence that cases for the iPhone 4S and/or 5 have appeared on all of the top iPhone 5 rumor sites recently. Do they confirm anything about what to expect next week?

Curved Glass 2012 iPhone Rumor Suggests iPhone 6 Will Feature a Form Factor Overhaul

A new report suggesting that Apple will deploy its glass cutting machines in 2012 for a curved glass display indicates that the iPhone 6 will be the recipient of a form factor overhaul. The current iPhone 5 rumor mill has

iPhone 5 Home Button Exposé Crushes Photos of Overhauled Form Factor

From HowToArena.com Earlier photos that purported to show reams of new, larger iPhone 5 screens sporting elongated home buttons has met some fresh skepticism. iPhone 5 enthusiasts may remember a set of leaked photos from mid August that purported to

Larger Screen, New Form Factor More Likely For iPhone 6

As rumors that the iPhone 5 will stick with the same old form factor and screen size crystalize, it is more likely that Apple might save a larger screen and radical, net design for the iPhone 6. There’s not much