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Clear iPhone 5 Concept Rehashes Old, Cool, Useless Feature

A slick, new iPhone 5 concept video harkens back to one of the first iPhone 5 mock-ups, which featured a clear, see-through display. While the feature has no practical purpose, it reflects users’ desire for a revolutionary, new iPhone iteration. 

iPhone 5 Could Feature HD FaceTime Camera – A September/October Release Expected

We’re hearing more rumors from privately circulated notes by investment experts and analysts these days. KGI’s analyst Mingchi Kuo has said, in a note, that Apple’s sixth-gen iPhone would be seeing quite a few adjustments to it. In the note

Halftone App Adds iOS 5 Face Detection Feature

Today, Juicy Bits released Halftone 1.6.5, an update to their popular vintage photo effects app that takes advantage of new face detection features in iOS 5 to automatically position speech and thought balloons to add comic-style effects to an image.

Analyst: iPhone 5 Will Make LTE A Mainstream Feature In 2012

For years now, 4G LTE has been heralded as the “next generation” of mobile community. Analysts now believe that the iPhone 5 will indeed be LTE, and its sales and popularity will make 4G LTE the new standard for smartphones.

iOS 5 Tips: Speak Selection Feature in iOS 5 Reads Text Out Loud

Selecting a piece of text and then getting it read out loud by iPhone is nothing new. The Speak Selection feature in the iOS 5 accessibility options has been there since iPhone 4. With this option enabled, you can select

iOS 5 Tip: Use iOS 5 Zoom Feature To Help You Read Better

The iOS 5 zoom feature is one of the best things that people with poor eyesight / vision could ask for. It lets you control the legibility of the iPhone icons and text – and helps you use the iPhone

iPhone 5, 2012 Macs May Feature Improved Siri

A thin rumor is suggesting that the iPhone 5 and other Mac devices could see a substantial improvement in Siri in 2012. While the rumor has little credibility, the theory behind it makes a lot of sense. In spite of

NFC-Based Mobile Wallet Feature Looking Like A Virtual Lock For iPhone 5

One new capability that is looking more and more like a certainty for iPhone 5 is Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile “digital wallet” support. http://www.abiresearch.com/research/1003509 A new ABI Research study entitled “Mobile Wallet Strategies” says that Apple will be a

iOS 5 Panoramic Camera Feature Spoiled for iPhone 5

A programmer and iPhone user has discovered a hidden panoramic camera feature in iOS 5 that was obviously meant for the iPhone 5. With the panoramic camera feature spoiled, how will Apple now upgrade the camera feature for the next

Curved Glass 2012 iPhone Rumor Suggests iPhone 6 Will Feature a Form Factor Overhaul

A new report suggesting that Apple will deploy its glass cutting machines in 2012 for a curved glass display indicates that the iPhone 6 will be the recipient of a form factor overhaul. The current iPhone 5 rumor mill has

iPhone 6 May Get Protector Feature Slightly Rumored for the iPhone 5

While the iPhone 5 rumor mill has had its fair share of purported features for the 2011 iPhone, few of the features have been what onlookers would call “novel.” In many ways, wanted features for the iPhone 5 such as

July 19th – iOS 5 To Feature Gestures To Replace Buttons

iPhone 5 Coming Soon Apple has released the newest beta of their upcoming iOS 5 mobile operating system, and one of the quickly discovered new features is a gesture interface that provides the same functionality as the iPhone and iPad’s