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Mobile Ad Revenue Following Twitter, Not Facebook, says eMarketer

Click here to see the revenue figures in a little more depth When it comes to mobile ad revenues, Twitter is the top social network, according to an eMarketer report – beating out Facebook, in spite of its larger user

Facebook Relaunches iOS App

Facebook has relaunched its iOS app, which it claims runs twice as fast as the previous HTML5 version. The app, which Facebook developers have rebuilt from scratch, has been written natively for iOS – replacing the previous HTML5 version that

Facebook Makes a $157m Loss in Q2

Facebook has posted a net loss of $ 157m (£100m) for Q2 in its end of quarter report – its first as a public company. By comparison, it reported a net income of $ 205m in Q1, and $ 240m

Facebook Releases iOS SDK 3.0

Facebook has released a beta version of The SDK can be used to create apps which integrate the user's Facebook loginFacebook SDK 3.0 for iOS, which enables develops to create Facebook-integrated iOS apps. The update promises better user session management,

230m Users Play Facebook Games Monthly

230m users play games on Facebook every month, according to a blog written by developer Douglas Purdy, with over 130 games attracting more than 1m active users each. Facebook has driven 134m visits to iOS apps, and 83m to the

Facebook Reduces mPayments Friction

Facebook is rolling out an improved mobile payments system for its mobile web apps, reducing the steps required to make a carrier billing payment down from seven to two, without requiring users to do any typing. This carrier billing method

Facebook Phone Prototype Mock-up

Facebook Phone pictures mock-up have been posted on NoWhereElse.fr which look amazingly like a combination of some ubercool Nokia smartphone with futuristic design leanings. The mocked-up Facebook Phone features a 4.2” display, with an 8 MP rear camera and a

Veremis Praises Facebook Approach

Veremis: Facebook move “bursts the bubble around the inevitable growth of mobile marketing driven by growing impressions”Facebook has officially floated on the US stock market, with Mark Zuckerberg ringing the NASDAQ bell remotely from Facebook's California headquarters to signal the

Facebook IPO Fails to Beat the Hype After Glitch on NASDAQ

It wasn't a smooth launch at the NASDAQ this morning, but Facebook finally began trading for the first time as a publicly traded company. After a 30-minute delay that compounded the hype, concern and intense interest in the largest-ever tech

Facebook Acquires Glancee, Expands Mobile Presence

Facebook acquired Glancee late on Friday, expanding its mobile capabilities in the run up to a historic IPO. Financial details of the deal were undisclosed, but it appears to primarily be a talent grab. The mobile app, which connects Facebook

Facebook Ponies Up $550m for AOL Patents From Microsoft

Facebook is not afraid to burn cash in the run up to its long-expected IPO. The social media giant is shelling out $ 550m in cash to buy 650 of the patents and patent applications Microsoft acquired from AOL earlier

Hurt Feelings At Apple, Twitter Over Instagram Running On Android, Facebook Acquisition

Once crowned “App of the Year,” Instagram has been a major draw for users to onboard to iOS devices. But with Facebook’s $ 1 billion acquisition of the company, as well as its launch onto the Android platform, Apple and

Why Apple Should Buy Facebook for up to $100 Billion


Investor Eric Jackson says there’s only one company big enough to buy Facebook: Apple. The combination would be a potential Google killer and too intriguing for Mark Zuckerberg to pass up. Join your Apple trackpad and keyboard, a concept for

Using Facebook To Improve Your Online Success Is Really A Good Option

Facebook is the predominant force in the social site explosion that has had an impact on countless people in the last couple of years. Six million users could turn out to be one billion in the not too distant future

Facebook Deletes iPhone 5 Fan Pages Ahead of October 4th Announcement

Facebook’s move to delete several top iPhone 5-related fan pages points to a big Facebook-related iPhone announcement at the media event on October 4th, and the possibility that the next iPhone may indeed be called “iPhone 5.” On Monday of

New HP app enables printing & scanning to iPhones, Facebook

For those running HP printers and scanners alongside their Macs, a series of new products were launched at HP’s Imaging and Printing Conference 2011, to help both its home and business consumers adopt mobile and 3D printing.